Session 2 Has Arrived!

It’s the beginning of the 2016 Session 2 and we are stoked to have all these campers here! Majority of the campers arrived the day before on change-over with flights from Mexico and CITs making their way to Pennsylvania and the shining Crystal Lake. The atmosphere has been nothing but high spirits as old friends reunite after a year apart, and new friends meet for the first time.

We have a quite a few new campers this session, both from Mexico and the States, so it’s been quite fun helping people get acquainted with camp. The LTs did a fabulous run through of the dining hall rules dressed in the fabulous assortment of costumes from our Camp Wardrobe, and we all ate at our new tables with a lovely dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Other than that, the campers have been enjoying time down on the waterfront while campers took swim tests and enjoyed sitting out in the sun. There was then a bit of game field time where campers taught one another the infamous game of gaga and there was a very intense game of knockout going on over on the basketball courts. The soccer balls were flying and the footballs were soaring through the air. A couple people attempted to hoola-hoop and were then shown up by some very impressive Kiyans with some serious hoola-hooping skills.

The first day of each session is always such a great time for starting over and starting fresh. The staff does an hour of metaphysical prep each session before the campers arrive, and it seemed that as we were all sharing what we’d been working with, a lot of us took to the chapter on Prayer in the Science & Health. It’s no secret that camp is a busy place. People are constantly working and doing their best to share the love and joy they have for camp with the campers, and oftentimes we find ourselves running around with a traffic cone, tennis balls, a stack of paper (preferably the pink colored paper), a WWII style helmet on our head and a shiny sort of material that we’re pretty sure could be used for a cape but will probably be turned into a toga at one point.

(Full disclose: this was an actual moment I happened to have last summer in preparation for my classes throughout the day).

And so as we all shared our metaphysical, one quote really stood out to me from Science & Health on page 3: “His work is done, and we have only to avail ourselves of God’s rule in order to receive His blessing, which enables us to work out our own salvation.”

Something that I know has at least been the topic of conversation in Canoya (Girls’ Camp) this summer so far, is that we are merely carrying out the works God has already done and prepared us for. It’s not our job to create all these master plans for the summer, because God has already set his plan into action and we are the ones who are making sure it all goes according to plan. There’s something very comforting knowing that you’re not the one doing all the actual work – what a wonderful idea, am I right? – because God has already provided you with the tools to build whatever you may need.

There was also a lot of talk of harmony that the staff has been working with, and something mentioned by one of boys’ staff was that harmony isn’t something that either happens or doesn’t depending on the campers and staff. Instead, harmony is constantly flowing around us and working through us regardless of the situation. Even when you feel you are embarking in troubled waters, there is still a small detail of the plan that is pumping out harmonious thoughts and motives to create the smooth and safe landing to shore.

And should we expect anything less of this session? First session was a blast, and second session is going to be just as much so because God is looking down at us, smiling, and counting right along with us as we countdown to jumping in the lake. We have so many opportunities for the campers this session with the introduction of two programs: Eagle Rock and Trail Blazers. CITs are here and already starting to prepare for the classes they’ll be shadowing this session and looking through the articles and pamphlets Logan and Mark, the CIT Directors, have prepared for them. Camp is in full swing, and God is right there pushing us along harmoniously every step of the way.

Tomorrow is Barn Dance, a huge crowd favorite, and we will also have church in the morning followed by marking books and then lunch. Then come the afternoon, we’ll be having Activity Fair down on the waterfront with a free swim to follow. Our day is packed with goodness, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Also, just a quick reminder to keep checking the Facebook page – which is updated constantly throughout the day with pictures, videos and activity updates – and the CLC SmugMug account, which already has 100 pictures from today uploaded of the campers on the waterfront and game field!

All the Love,


Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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