A Winter Camp Reflection

The first time I came to Winter Camp was also my first time coming to Crystal Lake Camp. I only knew one person who was going to be there, and he invited me a few days before it started. Even though there was a blizzard blowing the night I drove out, even though I had zero affiliations with this camp, even though I actually had other plans for
New Years, I felt like it was the right choice to come to Winter Camp at CLC.
I was right! From that event my entire life switched gears. Choosing to go to Winter Camp led me down a path that allowed me to meet so many loving and courageous people. It literally expanded my friendship circle by hundreds! Not to mention I got to play with super cute dogs, dance and watch fireworks explode on a frozen lake and cross country ski for the first time through the trails that littered the property. After that weekend I spent 3 summers at CLC – and spent the majority of the year between summers helping out with off-season groups and keeping camp running too!
Since then I savor the memories of my time spent at CLC, be it winter, summer or all the time in between. Spending just an hour on that beautiful mountain, let alone a weekend, is enough to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit! I’m so grateful I chose to go to Winter Camp at CLC!
This Winter Camp reflection comes from Casey Davis–Thanks for sharing, Casey!
It’s not too late to sign up for Winter Camp! Click here to register online and join the festivities

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