Fall Cleanup Weekend 2017

Big smiles were on everyone’s faces while we worked to winterize, clean and renovate camp during out Fall Clean Up Weekend. We are always amazed by how much work can get accomplished with just a dozen or so people. Over 150 hours of volunteer time helped accomplish a laundry list of tasks including:

  • Longhouse & ski slop debris removal,
  • Relocating waterfront equipment into winter storage,
  • Tying up docks,
  • Storing all boats in the Barn,
  • Switching out Lodge screen windows for storm windows,
  • Cleaning out gutters,
  • Relocating storage closets,
  • Staining the GAGA PIT,
  • Disassembling the teepees,
  • Storing outdoor sports equipment, &
  • Many other odds & ends.
There simply never seems to be a lack of a giving spirit to help keep our camp rolling. The weekend was filled with love for during “laid-back” time like sitting by the nightly fire at the Lodge, listening to the Sunday Solo by Bebe Root, salivating over Jenn Vomvas’s enchiladas, receiving updates on Abby Strub’s new arcade game record, or starting your day with the lesson reading by the fire in Alford Hall.
We are VERY grateful to have shared this 2017 Fall Cleanup Weekend with our attendees and hope to see you all soon for one of our upcoming events. Winter Camp is coming up in December (December 29 – January 1) and we warmly welcome you all to join.
-Paul Kowit, Alumni Council VC

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