Music, Music, Music!

Hi Friends! This week’s blog comes from CLC Alumnus, Will Buchanan! We asked him what he was up to these days, and he shared a bit about his band, the Bonbon Plot:
“Many of my favorite musical memories are from camp.  I remember jamming to “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Stairway to Heaven” with the School of Rock classes in Wigwam, rocking out to the Star Spangled Banner on the Outdoor Stage before Little Olympics, performing in countless Talent Shows with camp friends, and leading hymns on guitar at testimony meetings at the Teepees and at World’s End.  I met and played with so many different musicians from so many backgrounds at camp.  It was the best.
Now I’m performing across the St. Louis area with a professional jazz trio called The Bonbon Plot.  We blend bossa nova, Latin jazz, French jazz, American songbook favorites, and original compositions in a style we call “indie bossa”.  I’m really enjoying building my musical community here, just like I did at camp, with my wife Janet, who is also a CLC-er and who sings and plays upright bass in the trio.
Please come check us out next time you come through St. Louis.  We’re at and we’re on Facebook.”
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