Alumni Spotlight: Ginny Tonkin

Hi CLC Family!
This month I was featured on “Women Really Mean Business” a podcast presented by ATHENA International. How fun is that? I love podcasts, and this was a really fun opportunity to share my story.
I chat with host Jeff Biletnikoff about my career: from building an international career in Vietnam & China to jumpstarting a marketing career in San Francisco (we cover a lot)!
During the episode, I talk about how I ended up in Asia–from teaching English to Vietnam, to working in one of the world’s leading PR firms in Beijing, China. We also cover how I landed in San Francisco, and what I think is important to know about success.
Listen in to hear what I think the most important job skills are (it might surprise you)–and let me know what you think! *** Parental Warning: minute 2:45 does have a swear-word***
Women Really Mean Business is an interview series featuring professional women where they discuss their journey in the business world. The company that produces the podcast is ATHENA International. Their mission is to develop, support, and honor women leaders and those who inspire them to reach their full potential. Their vision is to create a balance in leadership worldwide.
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