A warm welcome from State College

Our staff was blessed last night to attend the First Church of Christ, Scientist at State College. Every year as a staff, we have attended a Wednesday night testimony meeting the Wednesday before First Session starts. The members of the State College branch church have always been extremely welcoming to us and we could not be more grateful.

Last night, the topic of the readings regarded the care for others and how we can support, love, and protect those in our care – much like how our staff will be caring and loving the campers this summer. The readers were rather poignant to prep our counselors and staff for the upcoming weeks, and the metaphysical inspiration and gratitude that was shared afterwards provided a wonderful reminder on how God equips us with the tools we need to go about our day. 

To end the night, the staff were invited downstairs to the church’s Sunday School area where the members of the church had provided ice cream from the famous Creamery. You may think you’ve had the best ice cream in the world, but we can say with full confidence that you have not lived until you have tasted what the Penn State Berkley Creamery has to offer!

I know that, at least in my vehicle, the car ride back was filled with not only expressing our gratitude for the readings and inspiration that were shared and how we can apply them to our summer, but also how lucky we were that the members of the church picked some of the best ice cream flavors the Creamery has to offer. (If you do ever find yourself around State College, Death by Chocolate is the flavor to get, in my opinion. You will not be disappointed. Last night I heard someone say, “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever had,” if that sways your opinion at all). 

Overall, we were grateful to State College for providing a place of community and family to spend the evening. The church also provided us with the ability to continue our Christian Science study when we first arrived by taking us to their Reading Room and reminding us of all the resources available to us when furthering our study in Christian Science. They also had quite a few translations of the Bible and Science & Health that our staff will be able to use throughout the summer! 

(L-R) Jenn, Sam, and Alex obsess over how large the cubbies are in New Nikahu

Camp is in its final stages in prepping for campers to arrive on Saturday! The new Girls’ Camp cabins are looking fresh, shiny and new, and we went on a tour of the New Nikahu yesterday morning, which put quite a lot of smiles on the girls’ camp counselors’ faces. In fact, the moment everyone was inside all the girls counselors found themselves on the floors, admiring how clean they were with tears of joy. It was quite the emotional experience.

Though we will miss the old, iconic cabins we all grew up in, there’s something special about being around to see these fun new buildings that are going to be around for many more memories to come. 

 – Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer


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