Ground control to CLC talent show

You would not believe. The Talent Show. We had last night.

All other activities and programs aside, Talent Show brought the evening to light the second we stepped into Alford Hall and saw that we were about to go on an Intergalactic Adventure.

We were greeted by Spaceman Spiff, which, if you’ve ever read Calvin & Hobbes, the appearance of a stuffed tiger played by Seneca counsellor Daniel Bort, was the beginning of what we knew was going to be a great night.

Basically, Spaceman Spiff had built a rocket ship and he and his first mate Hobbes were going on an adventure through the solar system.

The Talent Show opened with Spaceman Spiff and Hobbes getting knocked off track as two NASA astronauts spent their first night observing our solar system through their fancy telescopes.

With every planet the astronomer’s observed, a new talent seemed to be found. We started with a lovely puppet show from our Dunwoody campers on Saturn, followed by the greatest drumming performance by one of our Family Camp campers on Neptune.

As Spaceman Spiff and Hobbes made their way past Neptune, they stopped for a quick juggling act from Counsellor Mauro, and landed on a comet to listen to all of Boys’ Camp serenade the camp with a hymn.

Mars brought along a skit about cowboys, which we’re all still wondering about, and by the time we were in the asteroid belt, counsellors Franco and Linden were having an apple eating contest. Plot twist, they weren’t allowed to use their hands.

We were blessed with the voice of an angel by one of our Family Camp moms, who sang a gorgeous song from the Moon about God’s love in Spanish. We didn’t want it to end, but had to move on because in Deep Space things got a bit crazy.

No one was prepared for Deep Space.

As Spaceman Spiff and Hobbes found themselves in the great unknown, they were suddenly confronted with counsellors Daniel and Tyler as they burst into song. And it wasn’t just any song, but it was the infamous ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen, which is apparently just as popular in Deep Space as it was here on Earth.

Tyler and Daniel hit every word, singing along to every lyric, and though there wasn’t any practiced choreography, the whole camp seemed to be bopping along to the tune (and laughing hysterically because these two boys knew literally. Every. Word).

As we made our way back to Earth, Head Boys’ Counsellor Sam sat down at the piano to blow us all away with his talent as a pianist. The whole camp was silent as we all listened because my goodness, that boy is talented and Earth is lucky to have him.

Unfortunately, Spaceman Spiff’s journey had to come to an end as his mom called him inside because it was his bedtime and he’d gotten his stuffed tiger Hobbes all dirty from their adventures through the galaxy. It all worked out though, because it was also our time to all head off for the night, reminiscing about the adventures we had experienced throughout the day.

For this morning’s MAP, Counsellor Tyler once again ran his nature walk for the campers that we did as a staff during Staff Training. Campers were split amongst the creek, the lake, the tepees, and the stables as we all studied Mrs. Eddy’s Glossary to remind us of how great nature reflects God’s qualities.

The day is a breezy, calm one and we’re getting into our activities now. Margie, our Arts & Crafts Director, is helping the Family Camp tye dye some shirts. The murals are also starting to come together quite nicely, and the theme we are hoping to achieve is representing each of the clans.

All the photos through today’s MAP are up on the SmugMug, and our Instagram story has quick insights into each of the Talent Show acts so you can be right there with us! And each morning make sure to check our Instagram and Facebook stories for our thought of the day for some uplifting inspiration!

July is off to a great start, and we’re looking forward to our upcoming banquet in just two days! Happy Tuesday!



– Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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