The extraordinary sharing of talents

Last night was the Talent Show and boy were some extraordinary talents expressed!

We started the day with our Metaphysical Activity Period (MAP) led by one of our practitioners, Aubrey. The focus was pinions, and we shared our opinions on our pinions! First, we broke down what pinions actually are, which are the ten outermost feathers of an eagle’s wings, and how a mother eagle uses them to support her baby eaglets as they are learning how to fly. Her pinions are essentially the landing point to provide a safe place to rest in moments of weariness.

Campers and staff were asked, “What are some pinions in Christian Science that help support us and keep us growing in our relationship with God?” Aubrey reminded us of the quote from Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy from page 444:19-21 –

“Right motives give pinions to thought and strength and freedom to speech and action.” 

Each cabin received worksheets to fill out and collaborate on favorite quotes and metaphysical thoughts that could be used as our own pinions. We then all discussed how we can use these pinions to go about speech and action in our camp activities and daily life.

Part of the MAP was a mural that Aubrey painted of a mother eagle looking over her baby eaglets from morning to night. The mural is one of four that will go up along the basketball courts once the summer sessions have ended, replacing the old murals that have faded since their initial development. The mural is a constant reminder that at all times and in all ways, God is watching over us and will always provide for us with at least ten different thoughts and actions to cloak us in security and Love.

Once we had completed our MAP and the campers had all taken their worksheets full of pinions to talk about during their class metaphysical sharing times, a full day of classes awaited everyone! We did have a little bit of rain during fifth period time, but we are masters of rain activities and were able to find fun and interactive activities both indoors and outdoors. Majority of campers were already inside anyway as they joined in with Margie, our Arts & Crafts Director, to work on their costumes and decorations for our upcoming banquet – How To Train Your Dragon.

I’m not entirely sure what all kind of decorations we’ll be seeing, but I’ve seen some snippets of massive wings, a full camp decorated dragon, and some helmets that suspiciously have a resemblance to something a viking may or may not have worn. Regardless, our creative campers and staff will make sure to deck out Alford Hall for the banquet this session just like the last, and we can’t wait to see what innovative tricks they have up their sleeves!

Just in time for the rain to stop, dinner and the Talent Show were underway. We were graced with the presence of the horses on the game field as Hands-on-Horsemanship showed off some of their new skills they learned on their Overnight – vaulting.

The campers were able to stand, somersault, and kneel on the horses as they walked around the game field, and it was spectacular and extremely motivating to see the progress the campers had made since they first started practicing at the beginning of the session!

Once the Hands-on-Horsemanship portion of the Talent Show was completed, we went back inside for a rendition of ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ by counsellors Tyler and Daniel. I know the original composition from Disney’s Frozen was pretty mind-blowing, but I have to say that this new CLC rendition, complete with a bit of choreography, might hold up a bit of competition to the original!

There was singing and dancing, some ukulele playing, an amazing drum solo, cup stacking, and the CIT’s (Counselors-in-Training) put on a thumb-wrestling tournament with some pretty high stakes. Basically, the four CITs allowed four volunteers to come up and thumb wrestle them, and if the campers could beat them in the thumb wrestling match then the CITs would give the campers their dessert for the rest of the session.

It’s safe to say there are four very happy campers right now who will be receiving double dessert for the next couple days. We all knew we had some serious talent here at CLC, but I mean wow … those were some speedy thumb wrestling champs!

The night ended with a lively dancing production from our Brazilian campers and staff as they shared with us a popular dance from Brazil. It was lighthearted and spontaneous and something we’ll all cherish as they jumped, laughed, swayed and clapped to the beat.

It’s our last full day of classes today, and we’ll end the evening with our separate Testimony Meetings. Boys’ Camp will stay in Alford Hall and Girls’ Camp retreats to the back living room area of the Lodge. It’s crazy to think that Second Session is coming to an end, but it’s been a great couple weeks filled with lasting memories, new adventures, and a whole lot of caring, sharing, and strong friendships grounded in Christian Science and a great love of the outdoors.

A reminder – all the photos from the session are continuously uploaded to our SmugMug. Though all the photos are there on our page, the ones specific to this session can be found in the Session 2 2019 album. All the photos from last night’s Talent Show are already posted, and some videos are soon to come on our Facebook page! Thanks for keeping up to date with us!

Have a lovely and blessed Wednesday everyone!



– Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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