Wish you were here!

When the morning bell rang this morning, it was the first bell to ring on Third Session, ringing in a whole new session of endless possibilities!

This is our most international session yet! We are blessed to have campers and staff from Uruguay, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, El Salvador, the United States, Latvia, Argentina, Cyprus and Russia. We’re already prepping for International Night, which will be on Tuesday, so we’re looking forward to sharing about all our cultures!

We are not very deep into the session, so not much has happened yet. But this morning we all sat together in Alford Hall to read the Bible Lesson together during Quiet Hour. We read citation by citation, passing our books around as we read the Lesson on Life is multiple languages.

We followed Quiet Hour with breakfast – a filling breakfast of quiche and bagels! I was lucky enough to be sitting at a table with a couple of the younger international campers from Dunwoody, the youngest boys’ cabin this session, who found a whole new world of food and treats at the cereal bar. I watched as the two boys went up to explore the cereal options together, both of them fixating on Cocoa Puffs, which they’d never seen before.

One of them hesitantly tried one first, his eyes widening as he realized it was chocolate (oh boy!) before the two filled their bowls and happily munched on the cereal after finishing their bagel and quiche.

We might have to order some more Cocoa Puffs …

In the afternoon we completed riding tests at the stables and then our swim tests which, considering the temperature was pretty warm today, everyone wanted to be in the lake! It hasn’t rained in a couple days so though the lake was refreshing, it was a bit warm. However, we’ll have a free swim tomorrow after learning our waterfront rules, so you can bet everyone is looking forward to that!

Once all the campers had unpacked and settled into their cabins, everyone congregated at Alford Hall for dining hall procedures and a great, filling meal of grilled cheese (or cheese toasties if you’re from the UK, or toasted cheese if you’re from Germany) and tomato soup. We even were treated to a berry cake for dessert that some of the had some of the campers’ eyes widening in disbelief at how amazing it was.

Thank you head of the kitchen, Michelle!

For the evening, both camps retreated back to their separate areas to go over the rules and procedures for the session. They played name games and learned more about where everyone was from, bonding as a camp to bring together the brotherhood and sisterhood of CLC. Once our Head Counsellors’ Rosario and Sam had taught the campers everything they needed to know, each cabin went back to their separate cabin in order to do their cabin rules and to get to know their fellow cabin mates better.

I know I say this every time, but it’s shaping up to be a really wonderful session! We have two Council Fires this session where we’ll compete in our clans, as well as Little Olympics which will help us score points for the final tally at the end of the summer. Overnights will be a blast the second week, and at the end of the session we’ll celebrate with our Monsters’ Inc. themed banquet!

If you’d like to stay connected with photographs, updates, our thought of the day (available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese) or any of our daily activities, then you can check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also, all our photos will be on our SmugMug in the album titled Session 3 2019!

Thanks for keeping in touch and we can’t wait to share the session with you!


– Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer


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