The festivities have begun!

In only a day it feels as though we have had enough adventures to complete a full session!

Our first full day here at CLC for Session 3 started off with our Sunday services – both church and Sunday School. It was a beautiful morning, so majority of the Sunday School classes were able to go off along the trails, or at least outside. My class sat on the Alford Hall porch looking over the lake, and honestly, could you ask for a better view?

Then before lunch we all sat down to mark our books as a cabin for this week’s Bible Lesson – Life. Once lunch was completed, we headed back to cabins and had Rest Hour before we all made our way to the waterfront for some waterfront rules, swim tests, Activity Fair and then a free swim!

Campers chose their classes and signed up for their events during Activity Fair, and those are the classes they’ll be participating in for the rest of the session. Each camper chose three classes – their respective activities for second, third and fourth period after first period MAP, and then every day there is a different fifth period each camper can choose from.

Due to some looming thunder, we weren’t able to get into the water immediately, so instead we ended up singing a bunch of camp songs, running around and enjoying some elbow tag, and finally, just as the clouds parted, we were able to get into the water. It was quite a hot day, and we’d been outside all afternoon

The evening activity was the infamous Barn Dance and boy, did we dance. Though it was hot and we were all sweating, that didn’t keep anyone from going as hard as they could during the Cotton Eye-Joe, and running as fast as possible to not get caught in the Mouse Trap, or miss a chair during Musical Chairs.

We kicked the evening off with Big Wind Blows, a classic, all outside on the Game Field before moving in for a random mix of dances and games. All the campers also ended the night with their hay ride, which was led by Scott, our maintenance man, in his truck and had the campers screaming with laughter as the wind blew through their hair and cooled them off before the night.

Where yesterday was extremely warm and the sun was shining rather brightly, today it chilled pretty early in the morning before we were hit with a full day of rain.

Said rain, however, didn’t slow us down at all. If anything, it was another element that added to the whole experience of our first Metaphysical Activity Period, or, MAP.

This morning’s MAP was run by Jenn, one of our CIT Directors, and the focus was building others up through God and our study of Christian Science. Campers and staff talked about what good can come from being quiet and listening to God, and what good can be done when we are reliant on one another. What can our fellow campers and staff offer us as supportive metaphysicians as we are all learning and studying the Bible Lesson and the Bible and Science & Health daily?

We then all took to the Game Field (in the drizzling rain) to partake in some team building activities to act as a metaphor to showcase how, though we are all strong individually and all have our unique relationship with God, together we can be eve stronger and learn from one another and all our spiritual journeys.

These activities included moving as a unit (within each cabin) with each person only having one foot. Each cabin got in a line and grabbed onto the person’s foot in front of them before being tasked with making it all the way across the Gamei Field hopping together in unison.

Next was the human knot, a classic thought-provoking game that teaches listening and problem-solving as a group. Each cabin worked together to create the most sturdy human pyramid they could, which ended with Nikahu coming out on top. And then, as MAP came to a close, each cabin sat together and individually shared any personal goals they may have for the session and how they are hoping to achieve them through their daily study of Christian Science in their activities, and how their fellow cabin mates can assist them in their journey.

We are looking forward to many more enlightening MAPs this session! It was great to kick the session off with such an energizing MAP that wasn’t dampened by the rain at all, but instead enhanced significantly.

We then proceeded with our first full day of classes! And my, what a day it was.

Though the rain continued throughout the day, majority of the classes were able to stick to their original plan and simply enjoy the cooling rain. It was a nice break from the heat we’d experienced in the past couple days, and the Game Field, tennis courts, waterfront, stables, and longhouse were all still active with laughter and cheer all throughout the day.

The horseback riding classes even went for a first day trail ride down the camp road from the stables to the lodge before turning back around and waving to all the classes they passed. Arts & Crafts is already starting to prep for the Monsters Inc. banquet, as campers are starting to construct their own funny and wacky monsters from their imagination.

We had a pretty active and full day, but that didn’t tire us out in the slightest as we all came together for dinner and then our Session 3 Talent Show!

The acts this session did not disappoint in the slightest! We had some singers – one of our singers even performing in Japanese – and a couple acts on the drums. The violin was played, the piano keys were full of life, and a couple of the girls from Wahalla even did a tumbling routine. Hey Jude was played on the guitar while the audience sang along (because how can you not sing along to Hey Jude) and there were a couple hilarious and random acts in between.

Regardless of how long the act was, or what the activity was that was presented, everyone brought down the house as the audience took to their feet and cheered their fellow campers on with gusto. Talent Show presents the perfect opportunity for unbridled childlike innocence and freedom to be expressed from all ages, both campers and staff. It’s simply fun, in its purest form, and is a boost of confidence, friendship, and a touch of reckless abandon that provides a gust of Love to flow through every individual – performer or observer.

What a way to kick off the session.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and we’ll be celebrating our International Night! This is the most internationally based session we’ve had all summer, so we’re excited to collaborate all the cultures we are bringing together in Alford Hall and learn more about what makes all of us so unique, but also similar!

Photos from today’s classes, as well as Talent Show are either uploaded or currently being uploaded. If you’d like to see some quick videos from the Talent Show acts from tonight, our Instagram story is full of little clips from the night’s performances. Thanks for staying updated with all our fun adventures! We look forward to share much, much more with you as our time together continues to unfold!



– Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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