From our family to yours …

We’re a full day into Family Camp and we’re so grateful for all the families that are spending their week with us! We’re off to an active and fun start with Barn Dance last night after a full day of classes!

The really cool thing about Family Camp is that not only do we have our daily activities and classes, but families can also get up early before the morning bell and breakfast to participate in morning activities. Yesterday’s morning adventure was board games on the back porch of the Lodge, and this morning families were able to go for a bit of a swim if they so fancied.

There are also evening adventures too. So after Barn Dance ended last night, families were able to go out for a night hike along the trails with a couple counsellors to enjoy the trails at a different time for a new perspective.

My favorite part of the day and my favorite part of Family Camp, is the morning Bible Lesson reading that takes place on the stage in Alford Hall before breakfast. Those who wish to read the Lesson together can all sit on the stage and go through the Lesson, all reading together, to start the morning off with a great metaphysical thought. We all come up with a Thought of the Day at the end of the Lesson reading, which carries us through the rest of our fun-filled day.

Meals are free-seating at Family Camp, which is kind of exciting because you never know who you’re going to be eating your meals with and you get to chat and get to know different people at each meal. We have families from multiple different countries this year, so learning about different cultures and customs has provided a wonderful opportunity to grow our global understanding and community.

Our Metaphysical Activity Period (MAP) yesterday was run by our Equestrian Director, Laura. She spoke about Daniel and the Lion’s Den, and how the lions Daniel had to face were of no threat to him because he trusted in God and had conquered his fears. The activity portion of the MAP had to do with understanding some of the fears we may have at camp when out in the wilderness and how we can face those, so they can have no impact on us just as the lions couldn’t hurt Daniel.

It’s important to note in the story of Daniel that not only did Daniel stay free of harm from the lions, but he also became close with them and friendly. That really says something about how we should treat our obstacles in life. If we’re looking at a certain obstacle or fear – say, a free of the high ropes course – it is one thing to say, “I am not scared and I am going to do it.”

Which we all know from experience can make a world of difference. But if we bond with what we fear and see the light in all the good that thing (the high ropes course) expresses, then not only are we overcoming our fear, but we’re also conquering it.

I’d say that’s a pretty great thought to start off our time here at Family Camp, wouldn’t you?

We had an assortment of classes offered yesterday. The Longhouse was constantly active with tie-dying in Arts & Crafts, and the tennis courts were full of noise and competition for the majority of the morning. We had a nature hike in the afternoon (accompanied by everyone’s favorite fluffy yellow dog, Mason), and some boating as well. Alford Hall was blasting some upbeat music throughout the morning as dance class swung around on the dance floor, and in the afternoon the stables were open for some brave little riders who even rode all the way down from the stables to the Lodge.

And of course, the event we’ve all been waiting for, Barn Dance.

Barn Dance is the activity that no one ever thinks, “Oh I’m excited for Barn Dance,” until they’re at Barn Dance. Suddenly everyone is bopping along, and the games are getting everyone amped up to dance some more, and suddenly Barn Dance is the highlight of your life.

We played an assortment of games in between showing off our dance moves. There was the Big Wind Blows, Mouse Trap, the Limbo, and an energetic rendition of Musical Chairs. We hokey pokey-ed our way into Alford Hall and stuck around for the Cotton-Eye Joe, along with the Cupid Shuffle and a little bit of the Macarena and YMCA.

We also danced along to some ABBA, the Beatles, and the occasional Disney song we all know but never remember learning? Odd how lyrics just get stuck in your head without you even noticing sometimes.

It’s another beautiful day at CLC. The sun isn’t quite shining yet but the fog is rolling over the lake and camp is recovering from some rain that caused the leaves to look greener and the cabins to look freshly washed. It’s a big day for Family Camp. Granted, it’s always a big day because we’re at camp (*insert a thousand exclamation points here please to properly indicate our excitement*)!

We’ll once more have a full day of activities, and I’m sure we’ll hear all about the morning adventure this morning at breakfast. (I heard it was pancakes #yum). Our evening program is Testimony Meeting, seeing as it is Wednesday, and we’ll follow our Testimony Meeting with some s’mores and a bonfire along the Waterfront.

So as you can see, we’re all just having the worst time.

Obviously, I’m joking. The most wonderful thing about Family Camp that really surprised me the first time I started working it, was how though there are multiple families all here celebrating their time at camp together, the whole camp in and of itself really becomes its own big family.

The tables at meals are completely mixed with different family members sitting different places and hanging out with literally anyone. I saw two of the littlest girls the first night running around and laughing with one another as if they’d known each other for 50+ years. When I asked one of the moms if they’d known each other prior to coming to camp, she shrugged and said, “No, they met at dinner.”

Ah, to enjoy the childlike Spirit.

So from our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful day and we can’t wait to share with you the adventures that unfold during ours!

– Zoë

Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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