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Crystal Lake Camps is celebrating 75 years of reflecting Love - Here is some information regarding programs and how to get involved!

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Fall For All - 75th Anniversary Celebration

Dates: October 11-14, 2024
Ages: ALL!
Program Cost: $130 - $250 depending on cabin style
(if you're interested in lodging with friends, be in touch with Becca)

If you need financial assistance for this event, the Campership Fund is able to support up to 75% of tuition for Christian Scientists! Please register online FIRST before filling out the Financial Aid application online:

What to expect for the celebration:
  • Mural painting (and ceremony to hang)
  • History tour
  • Story sharing/telling
  • Recreating old photos
  • Apple Dumpling making
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Little Olympics
  • “The next 75 years at CLC” with Nathan
  • Hike to “project cabin” and Whipple Mill
  • Slideshow / video presentation
  • Vespers + Singspiration
  • "One Little Candle" tradition
  • LOTS of fun
  • More to come!

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