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Crystal Lake Camps is a camp for Christian Scientists located in the Endless Mountains of north-central Pennsylvania. The property spans over 960 acres of wooded land and includes two lakes, Crystal and Wild Rice. The Girls and Boys Camps together, located on opposite sides of Alford Hall, have a capacity of 50 campers, which gives Crystal Lake a small, family feeling. Though the camper cabins are separated, the programs and activities are enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages together. We host campers and staff from all around the world -- countries such as Russia, Mexico, England, the Philippines, DRC, and more -- which allows for a global perspective, diversity, and inclusivity. CLC is not just for kids! We have year-round programs for adults and families! 

Mission Statement

"Cultivating individual and collective growth in Christian Science through living, playing, and learning in a natural setting with a global family."



"Empowering campers and staff to bless the world through their understanding of Christian Science."


Core Values

Christian Science

Through our active practice of Christian Science, we support and nurture community members' growth. This practice allows community members to see their limitless identity. It takes away false labels that are illusions of the material world.  We provide a space where community members see who they truly are through reflection.  Because of this, everyone has a stronger foundation in their spiritual identity when they return home.

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Every individual is celebrated and embraced as part of the CLC camp family, just as each child of God is embraced by Love.

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At Crystal Lake Camps, we value hospitality because the limitless expression of generosity and selflessness leads to experiences that have a lasting impact for all who come to Crystal Lake.

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At Crystal Lake Camps, we value teamwork because our common purpose drives our commitment towards consistently demonstrating accountability, diversity, and clarity.

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We are responsible for our resources at Crystal Lake Camps. We understand we have tools, time, co-workers, and funding to further the mission of CLC. We take care of these so that CLC will continue to bless others long into the future. Being aware of and using our available resources is an approach we feel a duty to model and a skill community members can take with them in their individual lives.

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Agape & Philos

By truly loving our neighbor (philos), we express God’s boundless love for all creation (agape)—and through this love we witness healing.

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The property of Crystal Lake Camps was owned by Mrs. Bessie Laughlin, widow of J. Page Laughlin of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation. Mrs. Laughlin was a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Washington, DC and lived in Leesburg, Virginia. The Laughlins used the property as a summer home. During the 21 years they owned the property, they made many useful improvements by building Tawanka, White Pine, and Kiya. Laughlin Lodge, formerly known as Bena Lodge, had been built around 1900 as a hunting lodge.
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Meet Our Staff



Executive Director


Camp Director


Camp Administrator


Program Manager



Facilities Manager


Board of Trustees

Kathy Bailey, President
Ballwin, MO

Evan MacDonald, Vice President
Saint Louis, MO

Jenna Fisher, Secretary
Saint Louis, MO

Jim Keeley, Treasurer
Herndon, VA

Nancy Boyer-Rechlin
Franklin, WV

Nancy Montone
East Aurora, NY

Cosy Schneberger
Austin, TX

Emeritus Trustees
Dan Herr
Hal Jordan
Peter Wright

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