Musical Discoveries at Camp

by Tory Silver From the moment I was born into this world, I knew I was a drummer. I can remember drumming along to songs in the car as little kid, breaking out some pots from the kitchen, and daydreaming about the wicked drum solo I’d do on stage of a huge concert. My heart beat for the drums. My … Read More

Coming to Camp from Mexico

I’m Rosario from Mexico, and I want to share why Crystal Lake Camps has been one of the best experiences of my life. I can’t describe exactly how much CLC has changed my life since my first time there. Before camp, I was a shy girl, afraid of people and of the world. For me it was difficult to make … Read More

Healing on Horseback

by Jasmine Holzworth When I was a teenager doing the horseback riding program at Crystal Lake Camps, I was thrown off a horse. In less than a week I was completely healed of an injured arm and many cuts on my face. This was the first time I understood and proved my prayers for myself, instead of relying on my parents! … Read More

Stop and Smell the Flowers!

by Mark Catlin This past weekend Lindsay and I were at Crystal Lake Camps for Spring Clean-Up. I talk a lot about “taking time to stop and smell the flowers,” so I followed my own advice and took a few moments apart from BJ’s work list to find some spring flowers. It had been rainy and cool at camp the … Read More

April Nature Thought: March of the Salamanders

by Mark Catlin   Early each spring an extraordinary thing happens. On the first warm evening with a good steady rainfall, the amphibians come out all at once from their underground beds, where they have been hibernating. When I say all at once, I mean literally hundreds of frogs, toads, and salamanders pop out of the ground and make their … Read More

CLC Has new Ducks!!!

by BJ Thompson For those of you who were here last year you got to meet Duncan, the amazing duck.  Over the summer he made countless friends and made everyone smile.  He was a constant presence at the waterfront with his insistent quack. I’m convinced that that quack was him laughing at us 🙂     This past fall, Duncan … Read More

Terrific Turtle Trivia

  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, so it only makes sense to celebrate the greenest of the four clans here at Crystal Lake Camps – the turtle! Here is some terrific turtle trivia you can wow your friends with. Did you know… Turtles vary in size, from the huge 8 foot Leatherback Turtle to the tiny 3 inch long Bog Turtle The word … Read More

Nature Thought for March: Coming Back

by Mark Catlin Yesterday morning I looked at the bird feeders in our back yard and there was a Crackle, several Starlings, and two Red Winged Black Birds. I was excited! All of these species do not hang around here (Rochester, New York) in the winter so . . . . . . they’re back. The spring migration has started and it is … Read More

Surviving My First Winter at CLC

by Megan Gerould As the weather continued to get colder and snow became a part of the forecast, I went to work making my cabin into a cozy home that I could take refuge in while watching the pretty flakes fall outside. I made a list of warm soups I would make, had the cocoa and tea packets on hand, … Read More

Spiritual Growth from Crimson Arrow to Eagle Feather

  by Ellen Powell Have you ever stood by the “IN” door of the kitchen in Alford Hall and looked up at the plaques over the piano? I know I have. Here’s a little bit more about the awesome program the plaques are part of, and snippets from my own journey to getting my name up on the wall. Officially, … Read More