Pond to Table Cooking at Alumni Weekend, 2016

by Holly Buchanan   During Alumni Weekend we found a bumper crop of wild cranberries surrounding Hidden Pond! Several groups went picking, and then Betsy Huffman and I made cranberry bread for dessert on Saturday night in Alford Hall after a robust meal of spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli, garlic bread, and a fully-loaded salad bar. Making cranberry bread is a … Read More

Ah-Ho for Council Fire

There’s a small group of staff that start their day every morning at 5:30am to go and do lake swims. Some of us are there to get their Crimson Arrow and other award requirements, some to get in shape, and others because we’re just restless in the mornings. I personally do it for the sunrises. The beauty at Crystal Lake … Read More

Rain Can’t Stop Us Now!

It was the second day of classes yesterday, and I must say the energy at camp is beyond excited. The swim classes in the morning took straight to Crystal Lake and their laughs echoed all around the camp as they played fun games. The waterfront was really hopping yesterday with boating class, and the RAFT (Random Awesome Fun Things) decided … Read More

Session 1 Blog Update

Hello CLCers! Our blog for the summer is finally up! We’re a couple days into Session 1, and we’ve been up to our eyeballs in fun and laughs. The full day recap blog posts will start tomorrow, but until then if you’d like to get caught up on what epic adventures we’ve been on then the Crystal Lake Camps Facebook … Read More

Giving Thanks to Divine Mind

  I hope you all enjoyed Margaret’s post a couple days ago about Turkeys. Because certainly, the Turkey clan rocks! Gobble gobble! As those of us in the United States begin to gather this week around tables with our dear friends and family – whether they come from around the block, or from far away – we have a really … Read More