Sunday Fun-Day

  If there’s one thing we’ve learned this summer, it’s that the rain can’t stop us no matter what. The first day of camp started out hot and sunny as we went about our Sunday morning. Activity fair took place in the morning, which is where counselors will present their classes with fun skits and information pertaining to each class. … Read More

The Last First Day

And somehow, it’s the final session of the summer. How it happened, I have no idea. But somehow, we are welcoming third session with gusto and love pouring from every nook and cranny. We welcomed a bunch of new campers this session, many of them being from the UK which means most cabins are representing at least three countries in … Read More

What a Day!

    The first day of second session started off with the promise of no rain with all of our activities outside in the sunshine with smiles on our faces and sunglasses perched on our noses. The campers woke up to do their kapers and then we all marched down to Sunday School and breakfast. Sunday School was a blast … Read More

The Start of Session 2

Yesterday marked the arrival day of second session! In contrast to first session arrival, the sun was out with not a storm cloud in the sky. Campers from the first two weeks were overjoyed to welcome second sessioners into the fold. While most traveled by car to get here, some traveled by plane (some of which were 24 hour trips!) … Read More

Happy 4th of July!

  Dear Diary, Today was the Fourth of July and it was a really fun and exciting day! I woke up, ran down to the kitchen, and as I opened the door I found myself in the middle of a battle! I had to dip, duck, dive, and dodge my way to the smell of deliciousness. The counselors were dressed … Read More

Adventures in the Woods!

Wednesday morning, the morning campers would leave on their overnights, counselors presented an assembly on how you can change your thought – that even the smallest bit of error can be corrected.  We talked about a quote from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Human thoughts have their degrees of comparison. Some thoughts are … Read More

First day of classes!

My cabin, Nikahu, woke up on the first day of classes and spent our metaphysical hour out on the back porch of the lodge reading the lesson overlooking the gorgeous fog on the lake as we rocked in our chairs and talked about God and the Mother-Father qualities She possesses. On Sunday, I had taught my first Sunday School class … Read More

A Joyous Adventure

  Yesterday’s rainy/sunshiny day marked the first full day that campers were here. While church and Sunday School service were in session, the rain held off so that campers could enjoy being outside to learn more about God. Later in the afternoon, we all played games on the lawn where our friend and pet duck, Duncan, came to join us. … Read More

Love outshines all, even on a rainy arrival day

  “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings. The wakeful shepherd beholds the first faint morning beams, ere cometh the full radiance of a risen day” ~Science & Health vii   Even though the morning beams where hidden by gray skies and rain yesterday, not even the steady, persistent rainfall kept the birds from singing … Read More

How Camp Friends Teach Us About God’s Love

        This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to get together with a camp friend I had not seen in many years. Valerie was one of the first people I met when I arrived at Crystal Lake summer 1999 at the age of 10. With the vast experience two previous years at CLC had accumulated, … Read More