Vespers and God’s reflection


If you’ve ever heard Electric Light Orchestra’s 1977 hit single Mr. Blue Sky, then you’ll know the feeling we’re all feeling as the sun shone down on us this morning after rain last night. “Sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight. It’s stopped raining; everybody’s in a play and don’t you know it’s a beautiful … Read More

Yeehaw for barn dance

zoemahlerNews, Seasonal

It was quite the night for Crystal Lake last night as we hosted our Session 1 Barn Dance! By now we’ve perfected the perfect playlist of songs to get people hype to dance along to their favorite tunes – Electric Shuffle, YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Hokey Pokey, Cotton Eye Joe, and many more. We spent the afternoon enjoying the warm weather … Read More

Session 1 has begun!


After quite a bit of rain to freshen up Crystal Lake, the sunshine yesterday brought us our first arrival day for campers! It was a beautiful, warm day (not too hot, not too cold) and allowed us all to enjoy the sunshine while prepping for campers’ arrival and then taking our riding and swim tests! We began the session with … Read More

A warm welcome from State College


Our staff was blessed last night to attend the First Church of Christ, Scientist at State College. Every year as a staff, we have attended a Wednesday night testimony meeting the Wednesday before First Session starts. The members of the State College branch church have always been extremely welcoming to us and we could not be more grateful. Last night, … Read More

Mapping out Summer 2019


Happy Summer 2019 everyone! The staff have been hard at work since last week prepping Crystal Lake Camps for this upcoming summer and we are very excited to share all the exciting programs and activities we’ll be providing for 2019. Some are classics, some shiny and new, but all of them will be a fun unique experience we can’t wait … Read More

Learning Through Creation

BeccaAlumni, Personal Growth

On May 3 2018, a year ago, I performed a one-woman show called Walking In Their Shoes at Principia College. Leading up to this day I worked from January through April at Principia to create the show. When I was younger and as I journeyed through my college career I felt like I needed a creative project. Yes, I had … Read More

Celebrating Easter Everyday

BeccaPractitioner Insights, Seasonal

  Mary Baker Eddy gave her church a Church Manual. The Manual gives lovely provisions for Mother Church members. Mrs. Eddy specifically gives a provision for Easter when she writes, “Easter Observances. Sect. 2. In the United States there shall be no special observances, festivities, nor gifts at the Easter season by members of The Mother Church. Gratitude and love should … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Ginny Tonkin

BeccaAlumni, News

Hi CLC Family! This month I was featured on “Women Really Mean Business” a podcast presented by ATHENA International. How fun is that? I love podcasts, and this was a really fun opportunity to share my story. I chat with host Jeff Biletnikoff about my career: from building an international career in Vietnam & China to jumpstarting a marketing career … Read More

Celebrating MBE this International Women’s Day

BeccaHistory, international, News

Happy International Women’s Day! I love that this day exists for us to celebrate all kinds of diversity and women who are making an impact around the world. One of those women, one who I’m so glad we have to celebrate today, is Mary Baker Eddy. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the impact that Mary Baker Eddy has … Read More

Four ways CLC prepared me to be an actor


On the surface, spending a summer at camp and performing a play are very different activities. For example, at camp we try to unplug from gadgets and get outside, while plays are (usually) indoors and often require quite a bit of technology to pull off. But as a professional actor in Chicago for the past six years, I’ve found many … Read More