Yeehaw for barn dance

It was quite the night for Crystal Lake last night as we hosted our Session 1 Barn Dance! By now we’ve perfected the perfect playlist of songs to get people hype to dance along to their favorite tunes – Electric Shuffle, YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Hokey Pokey, Cotton Eye Joe, and many more. We spent the afternoon enjoying the warm weather … Read More

Session 1 has begun!

After quite a bit of rain to freshen up Crystal Lake, the sunshine yesterday brought us our first arrival day for campers! It was a beautiful, warm day (not too hot, not too cold) and allowed us all to enjoy the sunshine while prepping for campers’ arrival and then taking our riding and swim tests! We began the session with … Read More

A warm welcome from State College

Our staff was blessed last night to attend the First Church of Christ, Scientist at State College. Every year as a staff, we have attended a Wednesday night testimony meeting the Wednesday before First Session starts. The members of the State College branch church have always been extremely welcoming to us and we could not be more grateful. Last night, … Read More

Mapping out Summer 2019

Happy Summer 2019 everyone! The staff have been hard at work since last week prepping Crystal Lake Camps for this upcoming summer and we are very excited to share all the exciting programs and activities we’ll be providing for 2019. Some are classics, some shiny and new, but all of them will be a fun unique experience we can’t wait … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Ginny Tonkin

Hi CLC Family! This month I was featured on “Women Really Mean Business” a podcast presented by ATHENA International. How fun is that? I love podcasts, and this was a really fun opportunity to share my story. I chat with host Jeff Biletnikoff about my career: from building an international career in Vietnam & China to jumpstarting a marketing career … Read More

Celebrating MBE this International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! I love that this day exists for us to celebrate all kinds of diversity and women who are making an impact around the world. One of those women, one who I’m so glad we have to celebrate today, is Mary Baker Eddy. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the impact that Mary Baker Eddy has … Read More

Winter Camp Reflections

“You’re going to spend New Year’s at camp?” my friend said,”Isn’t that gonna be a little cold?”   Well, honestly, yes.  It was a bit cold.  But it made the hikes around the lake invigorating and the light dusting of snow beautiful.  The lodge and Alford Hall were nice and toasty, though.  With fires crackling, we toasted marshmallows for s’mores, … Read More

South America 2018

In mid-November, Becca and I headed down to JFK Airport in New York to begin a 16-day trip to share about the activities and opportunities at Crystal Lake Camps with Christian Science church members and attendees in several cities in South America. We had a wonderful time meeting lots of new people, sharing about the impact and mission that a … Read More

The Power Behind Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is really a tremendous time of year.  I was really struck last spring about it, as I happened to be in London at a church’s Wednesday evening service, and a testifier gave a testimony that came out of prayerful work she had done from the previous Thanksgiving.  What a contribution to humanity Mrs. Eddy has given us through this … Read More

The Origin of The Monster Mash

There are specific things about Halloween that make Halloween the most Halloween possible that Halloween can be. No matter what you call it – Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve – even if you use the little comma and call it Hallowe’en (not sure why you would do that but hey, to each their spooky own) October 31st is … Read More