Are you a sincere student of Christian Science and a member of The Mother Church? Do you enjoy working with children? Do you love the outdoors? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are probably a good prospect to be a counselor or support staff member at Crystal Lake Camps.

In addition to these essential qualifications, we look for individuals that are 18 years and older, who have something they can share with campers such as a sport like soccer or basketball or a hobby like fishing or ceramics. In some cases it does help to have special qualifications to work at camp. We always need lifeguards and swimming instructors who have American Red Cross Certification. We also value certifications given by organizations such as the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) and NAA (National Archery Association). Staff members who have such certifications earn higher salaries. We can often help you find out when and where certifications are being offered. In some situations we are willing to help staff pay for the expense of certification courses.

Why work at camp?

Being a counselor or support staff, why it is worth it, and what you get out of it.

CLC provides an environment in which staff develop as strong, skillful individuals. The character development and spiritual growth demonstrated at camp ensures workforce readiness for any career path.

Our staff are encouraged to pursue and teach their unique interests, allowing for a sense of ownership over our programming. They are given a variety of opportunities to meet challenges on their own, to manage and work with others from differing backgrounds and perspectives, and live Christian Science! At CLC, staff have the opportunity to demonstrate aspects of the definition of Church, which we find on page 583 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

Apply Now

Here are just a few examples of skills you’ll learn while interning or working at camp:

  • Teamwork
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Resourcefulness
  • Communication and Listening
  • Global Perspective
  • Inclusivity
  • Taking Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility


Jobs for Summer 2024

Positions for Summer 2024 are available! Please fill out our staff application online.

Please view our job descriptions before submitting your application. If you are interested in one or more of these positions - even if you don't feel qualified -, please be in touch with Becca at: +1 272-209-2524 (text or WhatsApp). 

Stables Manager

Stables Instructor 

Stables Hand

Waterfront Manager (filled for 2024)

Kitchen Manager

Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Cook

LT Coordinator (Male position filled for 2024)

CIT Coordinator 

Maintenance Assistant

Cabin Counselor 

Cabin Counselor 

Head Counselor (Both filled for 2024)

Camp Parent 

Trip Coordinator

Arts & Crafts Coordinator (filled for 2024)

Internships for Summer 2024

Internships for Summer 2024 are available!

Crystal Lake Camps offers a variety of internship opportunities in: education, business, sustainability, human resources, parks and recreation, maintenance, marketing, language studies, photo/videographer, sociology, outdoor leadership, theatre, art, and others. We work with students and universities on crafting the perfect internship for each applicant, ensuring that all requirements are met for the university and for camp. Please contact Becca for more information on internships.

Year-round Staff Positions

Join our year-round team! Contact the Executive Director to apply.

Crystal Lake Camps employs a small and hard-working team to accomplish our Vision and Mission.  We accept applications from those with a demonstrated commitment to Christian Science and our Mission.  If you are qualified for any of these roles, or know someone who is, we’d appreciate hearing from you.  Please email our Executive Director with your interest and some background to open the conversation!

Please view our job descriptions before contacting us:

Development Associate

Program Manager

Please contact Nathan for more information on year-round staff positions.

Staff Expectations

Community Standards

Each employee is expected to uphold our community standards of conduct befitting a Christian Science healing environment and a leader of young people during their period of employment, including during time off. In particular, no employee is to smoke or vape, drink alcoholic beverages, use drugs of any kind, engage in pre-marital or extra-marital sexual activity, or otherwise behave in an illegal or immoral manner.

Health Care

All staff members are expected to rely on Christian Science for the prevention and healing of injuries or disease. Staff members may not be under medical treatment or use or possess any form of medication or medical devices.

Time Off

Staff are on duty 24 hours a day with the following exceptions: each staff member will receive a cumulative total of at least 24 hours each two weeks in blocks of not less than 12 consecutive hours, free from camp responsibility. Most of these “days off” will be from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM on days approved by the Camp Director. Every day each staff member will have at least one hour free from assigned camp responsibilities (not counting night hours for sleeping nor meal times). Staff are expected to remain in camp except on their “days off.”

Daily Schedule

All staff are expected to follow the daily camp schedule whenever they are on duty. In particular, staff are expected to be up each morning before 6:15 AM and to spend at least 30 minutes each morning on metaphysical preparation for the day. Staff are expected to attend all meals and sit at their assigned tables. Staff are expected to be in bed each evening by 10:30 PM.

Personal Appearance

Staff should present an appearance that will help assure parents that their children are being left in good hands, and that will encourage campers to maintain good standards of personal hygiene. In particular staff are expected to be clean and neatly groomed, and to wear clothes that are clean and appropriate for the activities they will be participating in. No uniform is required.

Cell Phones, Computers, and other Electronic Devices

Staff may bring cell phones, computers, and other electronic items to camp for use during time off only and never within sight or hearing of campers. All staff are asked to keep technology turned off and packed away until time off. If you want to bring a cell phone, computer, or other electronic device for program use, please speak to the Camp Director for permission. Staff should never allow campers to use their cell phones or computers. Camp-owned equipment is provided for program needs and should not be used for other purposes without special permission from the Program Manager.

Staff Rewards


If you love Christian Science, being outdoors, children, camping, swimming, boating, horseback riding, mountain biking, arts & crafts, singing songs, and playing sports, then this summer you can get paid to have fun!


Friendships formed at camp are some of the deepest and most long-lasting friendships you will ever have. Your fellow staff members will share many of your values including your commitment to Christian Science. Living, working, and playing together on a daily basis for two months will draw you closer together than almost any other experience. At Crystal Lake Camps, you will meet young Christian Scientists from all around the world, and expand your global family!

Job Experience

Working at camp looks great on your resume/CV and gives you valuable job training for almost any career path. As a camp counselor, you will have the opportunity to take charge of activities and develop leadership skills. You will learn how to work with people, both children and adults. Counselors are encouraged to take initiative and develop new ideas. You will be entrusted with more job responsibility than almost any other “entry level” job.


Camp is not the way to make big bucks, but camp jobs do offer a number of advantages that often mean your net salary is comparable to many other jobs:

  1. Your salary includes room and board. 
  2. You get paid a week’s wages if you are present for Staff Week, with the remainder being paid in one lump sum at the end of the summer. 
  3. Your weekly salary is determined up front. Often hourly jobs pay less than you expect because you don’t get to work a full 40-hour week. At camp your final salary is calculated up front so you know what you’ll be getting.

Job Satisfaction

Working with children is often very demanding! But the rewards are great: a camper’s grateful smile, close friendships forged by working together, a parent’s thank you for helping his/her child grow, the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done something that has helped someone else, and the fulfillment of serving the cause of Christian Science. Many counselors come back year after year because they find camp so rewarding that they wouldn’t consider doing anything else.