LTs Depart and Activities Continue

What’s the best thing you can think of after you’ve been playing water polo in the lake all morning? Chocolate peanut butter pie, that’s what. And indeed, the most scrumptious pie in the camp kitchens repertoire served after lunch today right after the stuffed baked potatoes and broccoli. A perfect lunch for munching on a cooler day, the sky now … Read More

Ye-haw! Time for the Barn Dance!

Did someone say they wanted a perfect day for the first day of classes? ….oh well, if you insist. Blue sky? …check 75 degrees? …check Gentle breeze? …ok I guess that’s not TOO extravagant…check! Ahh….and the gleeful chortles of campers everywhere wafting by…what a life! Come along and look in on some of the activities today. Looks like they’re off … Read More