Annual Report

To those of you joining us for Alumni Weekend, we are so pleased you made the trek up the mountain. It is our pleasure to welcome you to your camp home, share with you how camp continues to grow, and hear your ideas for how we can continue to expand the definition of camp and care for our camp family.

Fruitage & Momentum

Thanks to your help last year, CLC now has a new mission statement:

Cultivating individual and collective growth in Christian Science through living, playing, and learning in a natural setting with a global family.

Last year we shared the news that CLC now finally owns outright (no mortgage) the entire 900 acre camp property–setting the stage for growth and improvements. With no time to lose, you’ll notice camp has been busy–with major investments in:

  1. Long House: Many who attended last year helped us with a rather intense demo project. Now stop by to see the results–the beautifully redone great room–a welcome improvement both for our summer campers and winter skiers!
    Camp Road: All two miles from the main gate to the boys camp were re-graded with fresh gravel applied.
  2. WiFi: Camp now has a modern camp wide WiFi system, enabling the camp office to modernize and leverage the latest cloud camp management tools. This new system is also available to our off-season guests. (SEE the Camp Policies for the WiFi password!)
  3. Waterfront Shed: You’ll notice an expanded and partially-rebuilt shed at the waterfront, providing far more room for boys to change and for storing waterfront equipment.
    Vehicles: Camp now has a minivan, and is actively looking for a lighter duty truck..

And camp isn’t stopping there! A major site survey is underway to prioritize investments, which resulted in CLC receiving a substantial anonymous gift that will:

  1. Replace three of our girls summer cabins (Atira, Wahalla, & Nikahu).
  2. Construct a new building to better accommodate members of our year round staff.

Alumni Association Programs

The Alumni Council strives to launch and maintain programs that make it easy for everyone to stay in touch. We are always open to new ideas, and would love to help plan a fun alumni event in your region! Here are some of the programs we’ve maintained in 2017.

Alumni Weekend (now Fall for All)

Now in its 8th year, our flagship event is your chance to reacquaint yourself with Crystal Lake Camps, learn what’s new, and rekindle old friendships while making new ones – all while reliving old memories!

Ambassador Program

Launched in 2017, the Alumni Association is helping Crystal Lake Camps staff a network of CLC Ambassadors. CLC Ambassadors are selected friends of CLC that volunteer to represent CLC where they live, ideally all over the world. Duties are simple–circulating up-to-date information about CLC to local friends, churches, and families–and relaying to the camp office anyone interested in attending, working, or supporting CLC. Benefits include an invitation to an annual strategic planning event and the “inside scoop” on what CLC is up to.

Alumni Association Pins

In 2017 we launched a new pin program to recognize alumni for each year you attended a CLC event or donated to CLC. We encourage you to wear your pin while at CLC (and back at home!) to spur conversation.

All campers and staff this summer already have pins! If you do not have a pin yet, or you need a new pin to recognize your additional years of service, please see the camp office.

Summer Staff Alumni Orientation

In 2017, we launched a tradition of hosting an orientation session with all incoming summer staff during staff week. This casual social event is a wonderful chance to meet new and returning staff–and answer their questions about what it means to be a CLC Alum.

Camper Thank You Letter

In 2017, the Alumni Council sent a thank you letter to each camper one week after they went home to thank them and remind them they are now part of the permanent CLC family.