Youth Camp Programs

2023 Summer Youth Sessions

Session 1 

July 1 - 14

Session 1a

July 1 - 7

Session 2

July 15  –  August 4

Leadership Training

July 8  –  August 4

Counselor In Training

July 1 - August 4

2023 Youth Camp Fees

One Week: $1,200
Two Weeks: $2,300
Three Weeks: $3,500

Please note: Over the next few years, we plan to slowly raise pricing to reflect the actual cost of camp. Financial assistance is available, and we are able to meet your family’s need.


Multi-Session Discounts

Five weeks: -$275 (total cost: $5,100)

Sibling Discount

CLC is now offering a sibling discount! After the first child in a household is registered, each additional child/sibling will receive $50 off their tuition.

Early Bird Discounts

Amount off per child if deposit paid:

October: $50
November: $40
December: $30
January: $20
February: $15

Standard Payment

Deposit & Due Date

$200 deposit per child made at the time of enrollment. Tuition payments may be made as often as you like throughout the year.

Please talk with Becca for details/more info.


Please make checks payable to Crystal Lake Camps. To keep costs down, we prefer to receive payment by check. However, we also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. NOT Discover through the CampBrain registration portal.

Refund Policy

After March 1 the deposit is non-refundable. For an un-enrollment that occurs from May 1 up to four weeks before the camper’s arrival, 50% of tuition can be refunded, while the other 50%, minus the deposit, can be applied to the following summer. For any un-enrollment that occurs within four weeks of the camper’s arrival, camp fees will not be refunded but can be applied to the following summer, minus the deposit.

Incidental Fees

Camp Store Deposits

Through the CampBrain registration system, we track and charge camp store sales through the same portal. This allows us to do away with time-consuming process of charging and then refunding unused camp store deposits.

When you register, please select your camp store allowance. You will have the option of locking or limiting your child’s account so that they may only purchase camp store merchandise up to a set amount.

Examples of Camp Store purchases include: T-shirts, flashlights, water bottles, bandanas, and much, much more.

Transportation To and From:

New York City/Newark Int’l Airport: $160 per person

Rental Fee

In previous years rental fees for bedding and overnight gear has been added on after campers arrive at camp and use the gear. This year, to reduce the office workload, we have charged this fee in advance to each account, and added an optional refund if you bring all your own gear. International campers will be supplied bedding.

Discount for bringing your own bedding: -$10
*No bedding rental needed. (I will bring my own sheets, blankets, and pillow.)

Discount for bringing your own overnight gear: -$20
*No overnight gear rental needed. (I will bring my own backpack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.)