Welcoming New Year Round Staff!


Crystal Lake Camps is happy to introduce you all to two new members of the year round staff. We are so grateful for their commitment to camp and we look forward to working with them throughout the year. I will let them tell you a little bit about themselves. A full list of year round staff is available HERE

Megan Gerould – Office Manager

22206_598583487862_5435749283770843155_nHello Everyone!

My name is Megan Gerould, and I’m the new Office Manager at Crystal Lake Camps. I am from Petoskey, MI. only half an hour from the Upper Peninsula. I have attended several Christian Science camps throughout the years, 15+ summers as a camper, project worker, kitchen worker, horse wrangler, stables staff and office assistant. As each camp was the right fit at that time and I always learned something new and grew in my understanding of Christian Science, I have always felt a special connection to CLC.

As a child I always wished I lived in Pennsylvania so I could attend the off-season programs and since summer camp was always so much fun, I longed to be a part of the camp activities all year round. I grew up hearing stories about CLC because my parents and my mom’s siblings attended camp as children and staff, so my first summer started off with a long tour as my mom reminisced about her camp days and I wondered what would unfold in my own camp experience.

I am excited to become a part of the year round staff because I love camp, especially Crystal Lake. At this camp, I became interested in learning Spanish, continued my love of horseback riding and as a project worker, would jump out of bed, get dressed as quickly as possible and run to the barn at 6:45 am to help with chores. Joy and love radiated from the stable staff and I never wanted to miss out on the fun because I sincerely felt like a member of the team. Of course this family dynamic shone through everyone involved at camp, creating a very special atmosphere. This unique setting is the reason I told my parents the first summer they came out to get me after Session One that I wanted to stay the whole time and thankfully they let me.  I look forward to continuing my camp experience and can’t wait to welcome everyone as they step into the office here at CLC!


11173346_10153252891962288_578424950422187170_n (1)Katie Davis – Development Director

“I am so pleased to be coming “home” to CLC.  Camp provided me with many opportunities for growth. And, the many friendships made during those years have continued even today. I cherish the warm Alumni connections that continue these 25 years later.”

Katie Davis is joining the CLC team as our Development Director from her home in the Seattle area. She will remain on the West Coast and work for CLC from her home.

Katie was a camper and staff member at CLC in the late 80s and early 90s, and her family was part of CLC for a generation before her. She’s been working in non-profit development work for most of her professional life, including owning and running her own development consulting office, 5 Branches Consulting.

Katie Davis is a professional with specific insight into the fields of community and organizational development. Inspiration for this business comes from the colorful and close-knit villages that comprise the Guatemalan Highlands. During frequent travels through Latin America, Katie was struck by the cohesiveness and productivity of these small communities. Villagers worked together, not only surviving but thriving. When there was a need in the community, inevitably there was someone available to meet that need. 

Katie holds an M.S. Degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration, and undergraduate degrees in biology and sociology. Her aim is to assist businesses and organizations in coming together to prosper and succeed, meeting the specific needs of their surrounding communities. Katie brings to the table a wealth of experience from both for profit and non-profit segments. 

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