Winter Camp 2015


After all the Christmas presents are unwrapped, and all the Christmas dinner gobbled up, many families struggle with boredom in the days following the festivities of Christmas and before New Year’s celebrations begin.

This is never a problem for families who attend Winter Camp at Crystal Lake Camps. Despite the lack of snowfall, this year’s group of winter campers had a week jam packed full of fun and laughter. We can honestly say we rang in the new year in style, and with lots of awesome fireworks (thanks, BJ!).

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We enjoyed a multi-generational and international weekend, with representatives from the US, UK, and Austria. Did you know that in Austria it is traditional to dance a waltz on New Year’s Eve? Did you also know that most Austrians have never seen The Sound of Music (1965)? This year, Americans waltzed and Austrians were treated to a showing of the classic film and a good time was had by all.

If you have ever been to Winter Camp at CLC before, or indeed any of our other off-season events, you will understand that a great many marshmallows were roasted and consumed, either in the form of s’mores or right off the stick. We also had a great time decorating cookies and gingerbread houses.


But we didn’t spend all our time indoors. Winter Olympics this year included a dizzy bat frisbee course, a modified version of Gold Rush in a relay style, and skits that were presented at the talent show. The two teams were the Burkey Tears and the Wortles. Both competed valiantly.

Although the lake wasn’t frozen over this year (although it since has), it was still plenty cold for our intrepid polar plungers! As is customary, a handful of brave folks jumped into the frigid lake. As is also customary, a great many people enjoyed cheering them on from the comfort of dry land, and everybody enjoyed getting warm in front of the Lodge fire afterwards.


Something unique about this year’s Winter Camp was the amount of puzzling that went on. Attendees completely practically every puzzle in the Lodge, more than 24! Although there were several pieces missing for some of them, it was really cool to dig up some of camp’s vintage puzzles and see how many we could complete. I think this would be a great idea for a 5th period!


We at CLC want to wish everybody a truly wonderful 2016. Stay tuned to this blog and watch your email inbox for updates about 2016 summer camp programs and for different ways you can support Crystal Lake Camps’ mission.

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