Rain Can’t Stop Us Now!

It was the second day of classes yesterday, and I must say the energy at camp is beyond excited. The swim classes in the morning took straight to Crystal Lake and their laughs echoed all around the camp as they played fun games. The waterfront was really hopping yesterday with boating class, and the RAFT (Random Awesome Fun Things) decided to have some serious fun on the paddle boards. Nature class went stream stomping and apparently wondered upon some very interesting little creatures on their way. Soccer kicked and basketball bounced and the morning was all and games as we sat around our lunch tables gushing over what a morning we’d all had.


I had the privilege of sitting at the LT table in the morning as their leaders Collier and Ava went and prepared the maps and such for their hike. The four LTs were definitely nervous, but more so they were just ready to get on the trail already. They knew it was going to rain a bit, we knew it was going to rain a bit, and they geared up with their trash bags over their packs and sturdy boots on their feet. Come the early afternoon, they were all packed and ready to go as they were driven out to their location.


However, after some spotty thunderstorms throughout the afternoon, classes took to the lodge, dining hall, and outdoor stage to stay dry and still have fun. Volleyball started out playing cards, only to decide to go out and play in the rain once the thunder ceased. Swimming played some fun games on the back porch of the lodge and watched the rain fall onto the lake. Quidditch set up shop in the dining hall, not letting anything hold them back as they ran around with their broomsticks and played a game Harry Potter himself would be proud of.


The rain held out long enough for everyone to get to dinner dry and happy, but during our lovely dessert of cream puffs, the storm was back and drowned out any attempt at a Council Fire. So quickly we redirected to testimony meeting, pulling up our chairs around the stage and listening to a lovely set of readings and testimonies.

A CLC testimony meeting was the first time I ever gave a testimony as a camper. I’d been going to Wednesday night services for ages it seemed like back home, but never had had the guts or gumption to stand and speak about any healing I felt I’d had in Christian Science. Nor – at the small age of 10 – did I think that I’d really had an amazing healing at that point.

But the great thing about camp, is that you aren’t sitting in a pew at church surrounded by others just as quiet as you. At camp, testimony meetings are buzzing with energy as campers await their turn to give a small account of how grateful they are that today after the first rain, they were able to see a salamander scurry across the camp road on their way to their next class.

During staff week, the topic of testimony meetings is always mentioned with high praise. This is the time for campers to step out of their comfort zone once again and share something they feel is important to them in their growth in Christian Science. We had a talk during staff week with TMC Youth about why church is so important and what we can bring to the church. It was mentioned while we were all sitting around in the sun of the game field sharing our thoughts, that standing and giving a testimony is one of the greatest contributions one can give to their church, or any church they may be attending because you never know what that testimony might do for someone else.

Personally, I’m happy we had testimony meeting last night and that Council Fire has been redirected to tonight because it was such a sweet moment to see the campers really engaged in testimony meeting as the rain fell softly around us – plus there was a rainbow. I was walking back with Nikahu on the way back to the Lodge, and already you could hear the classic phrases such as, “Oh I had a testimony ready to go. I think I’ll give it next week,” or, “I mean, I didn’t realize I could just talk about something I’m grateful for.”

The next testimony meeting will be next Wednesday and it will be separate camps – girls sit in the lodge and boys go to the dining hall – so I know we’re all excited to hear about what campers have to say at the next one. Until then, we’ll all put on our our clan shirts and prepare for the upcoming day. It’s an interesting one, as we start packing for overnights today and the campers receive all their gear. It should be nothing short of spectacular and we can’t wait to send them out on their adventures!

All the Love,
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