Off on Overnights

It’s that time of the session where campers are off on overnights, going out into the wilderness to explore Mother Nature and see that all “God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, and indestructible.” (S&H 514:28). We’ve spent the last two days preparing the campers with talks about hanging bear bags, how to set up a tarp, and our personal favorite – how to poop in the woods.

The overall vibe of overnights was high as campers all set their bags around the dining hall during breakfast. Overnights are always a great bonding experience for both the campers and the staff. Sure, you get close with your cabin and your classes, so hanging out with them in the woods all by yourselves can bring everyone even closer.

It’s so amazing to think that at such young ages, camp is giving the campers a chance to go out and really challenge themselves through fun activities that aren’t burdensome or boring. My appreciation for hikes has only grown over the years, because yes of course they’re difficult at times and your pack feels like rocks are living in it, but when you reach the top of that mountain or see that beautiful view in front of you it’s hard to complain.

Camp is located in such a gorgeous area, and oftentimes we’ve talked about how camp has grown more and more beautiful because of all the love being supplied to it by the campers and staff. CLC is loved, and camp loves us right back by supplying us with a place to see our friends every summer, talk openly and ask questions about Christian Science with peers and your counselors.

But back to overnights.

Something my mom always told me on my way off to school in the morning, and something that I transferred to my campers when I started CIT and staff, was to give a good day. It seems like something so simple, to just have a good day being at camp. I mean, how could you NOT?! But it’s another thing to give a good day, because you are consciously making the decision to start your day by helping others and making sure that others have the best day possible. And I found that as I was attempting to give to others a good day, I myself was starting to have a good day too.

That’s kind of what overnights are all about. You’re one unit working as a team – one Mind – and by helping others to hike up that mountain then you yourself are getting to the top too. Overnights are so rewarding, and though at times they can seem hard and intense, you still come away from these hikes with a new appreciation for the things and the people around you.

It’ll be very exciting to hear about all the adventures and hilarious moments that happened on the overnights when the campers get back. We have a lot of good groups this session, and the amount of growth and giving that will go on over the next couple days will be beautiful and right in the path of God’s plan.

Hope you’re all giving a good day!

All the Love,


Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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