Benefits of Working at Camp

This week, we talked to a couple staff members about what they have appreciated most about working at CLC, and what qualities and lessons they’ve learned by working at camp that they have taken to other experiences. We will be hearing this week from Logan, a college junior and past counselor and CIT Director, and Alex, a college sophomore and past counselor.


“I have absolutely loved being on staff at Crystal Lake Camps for the past three summers. Each position I have held has taught me so many life lessons that would be hard to learn to the same extent anywhere else. Various staff positions have also given me avenues to learn skills that are crucial in a workplace environment. This past summer I was one of the directors for the CIT program. Being in this unique position, I learned how to balance logistical planning and organization with emotional support and communication between my co, my CIT’s, and others. The camp environment is a perfect setting to encourage this type of growth in everyone, and every year I walk away feeling like a stronger and more skilled individual.
Over winter break, I had an internship with a non-profit organization in the area. I very much appreciated the new experience of working in a professional office setting for the first time. I learned and improved many skills including addressing large groups of strangers, constantly carrying myself in a professional manner, using critical thinking to solve problems, and communicating with my boss and other co-workers. But what I realized almost immediately is that I first learned all of these skills as a staff member at Crystal Lake. Due to the vigorous and immersed nature of all of my camp jobs, I learned skills such as communication, timeliness, and confident ease at a more valuable rate than I have experienced anywhere else. Overall, I have truly come to appreciate my experiences as a staff member at camp, and I would highly recommend the opportunity to anybody who is in question.”

– Logan Landry


“What I learned from being on staff at Crystal Lake is that my love for the campers transcends over all personal sense. My motive to for going to camp isn’t to have fun but to give those kids the best summer they can wish for. By that natural transitive property it allows me to benefit from the joy that the campers express daily. Camp has always been a second home for me, without it I couldn’t have become the man so many people have come to know me as. I know how a lot of those campers feel, looking for refuge in a world of challenges. But remember that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Ps 46:1). Camp is a place where they can find relief from such toil but not lay idle. We strive to equip them with the tools they need to protect themselves and help others. I truly love what camp provides to me every year without fail and I am excited for another great summer!”

– Alex Kamau

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