New Flags Fly High in the CLC Dining Hall




some of the flags already flying high in the CLC dining hall

some of the flags already flying high in the CLC dining hall

High in the soaring rafters of CLC’s central Dining Hall hang the flags of 18 nations from around the world. A truly unique aspect to Crystal Lake Camps is the international program – in recent years we’ve had campers and staff from over 15 countries on all six inhabited continents, join us for a few weeks in our summer program. Each flag represents the home country of either a current or past CLC camper or staff member. The bright colors and dramatic designs of these flags brighten the space and give the Dining Hall its distinctive character and emphasize CLC’s multi-national culture.


Much meal time conversation is focused on which flag belongs to what country and who can name them correctly. Opinions sometimes even differ on the actual country associated with each flag. But everyone knows that someone at some time left a home and family far away to travel thousands of miles to spend the summer at Crystal Lake.

More recently, we have had campers from countries whose flags are not represented. We would like to add these to the display so that everyone can see their own country’s flag flying with pride along with the others. Specifically, we would like to add the following flags this summer:

Australia    Botswana    Cameroon    Japan    Spain   Ukraine    Togo

International campers and staff are a very important part of the Crystal Lake Camps culture. These flags demonstrate that everyone can come together in harmony at CLC.more flags!

How you can support CLC’s International Campers:

If you would like to help us to raise new flags in the CLC Dining Hall, please send us a check made out to “Crystal Lake Camps” marked Flag Fund or you can donate online through the main CLC website. Each flag costs about $50.00.

Any donations received beyond the cost of the flags will be used towards the fees and airfares of our international campers attending camp this summer by means of the International Campership Fund.

We have already received camper applications from Mexico, France, Russia, Latvia and are hoping that a group from South Africa will also be able to join us….and they will need a new flag too!

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