Today, the First Session campers left for their overnight camping trips!

After a good morning assembly, where the discussion revolved around what to pack spiritually for the overnight – qualities such as joy, excitement, an eagerness to see the forest – campers split up into cabin groups to get their camping gear from campcraft, and they packed their food for the next 3 meals.

Later in the morning, everyone was off! Dunwoody campers have gone to Whipple Mill, Kiya to the ski slopes, Seneca is off to Red Rock, and Atira to Bear Creek.

I (Nathan, the Camp Director) had the opportunity to visit a couple of the trips this afternoon, there were songs being sung, games being played – and everyone had their tarps up, even though the weather has been just spectacular! They were all beginning to get ready for dinner. There’s really just nothing like eating a warm meal cooked out while camping.

Everyone’s happily out tonight, and the Atira campers were especially excited about seeing all the stars tonight as it’s been a virtually cloudless day. The stars tonight promise to be stunning.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of the rest of their trips!

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