Changeover weekend

Session three officially ended yesterday, Friday, after saying goodbyes in the morning and sending campers off in the midafternoon. Almost two thirds of session four campers stayed over from session three, so there was plenty of activity through the evening. After spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, Wall-E was shown with Eder’s ice cream in Alford Hall!

The next morning, after group lesson reading and a scrumptious breakfast, we had “super kapers” to get camp ready for campers and parents arriving after lunch. After getting settled in their cabins, the whole camp met at Alford Hall for an all-camp welcome. Several favorite camp songs were sung, including “Form the Banana” and “Alligator,” which made everyone very silly. Then everyone piled inside Alford Hall and once again, we learned all about mealtime and dining room etiquette, had homemade pizza and ice cream, and got to know new tablemates. Flags were lowered in separate camps, followed by separate camp meetings, where campers begun to know each other on a deeper level, rules were expressed, and staff members were introduced. There’s an air of excitement tonight about all the fun to come this session!

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