Another day of classes – in the rain!

Another full day of classes today, but with an added bonus! Right at the start of first period, it began to rain and continued pretty much all day. Luckily, there was no thunder or lightning, so all classes mostly continued as planned. Swimming toughed it out through the second period drizzles and the fourth period downpours, and dare we say, even had fun! The third period swimming class swam to the teepees and back, and canoeing class worked on righting capsized canoes, since they were going to get wet anyway. Second period RAFT class sumo wrestled today in Alford Hall, Fitness class fourth period weightlifted inside the outdoor stage, and the Trailblazers worked on overnight skills, like hanging a tarp. CLC news class continued to get interviews, including various staff members about the elusive “camp alligator,” and an awesome video of the Alligator song.

Several sports classes turned into mud sports by the end of the day, including mud hockey in senior sports, mud frisbee in between classes, and the culmination of it all in mud soccer fifth period. There were great fifth period classes today, including paper making, a tea party with Arts and Crafts director Chenoa Rutledge, Crimson Arrow class working on the fitness test portion, and as previously mentioned, an epic mud soccer. Just a little bit into the game, the gamefield had gotten so slippery that players could only stay standing for about 5 seconds if they tried to run or walk quickly. At the beginning of the game, those that weren’t covered in mud were “initiated” and thoroughly dirtied. Halfway through the game, one side’s defense wasn’t getting much action since their offense was so good, so they took matters into their own hands and formed a slip and slide in the sidelines, threw mud at other players, and generally ran amok in the muck.

At the end of the game, everyone got clean and dry for dinner – a family style dinner instead of picnic supper. A delicious chili and cheese bread was served with a special treat for dessert: bananas foster bread pudding. Today was a noteworthy day from the kitchen – this morning bananas foster muffins and eggs were served, barbeque chicken and tator tots for lunch, and at the end of each meal, not a scrap of muffin, bbq chicken, cheese bread, chili, or dessert could be found in the whole dining room.

After the meal, practitioner Sussie Holzberlein delivered a poignant and inspiring Wednesday testimony meeting on the harmony of man and God’s creatures. Several powerful testimonies were shared, both in English and Spanish.

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