Tonight’s evening activity was the overnight debrief, which was a game show involving the Wheel of Destiny! Campers filled out a questionaire with queries such as, “Did any nicknames develop from your overnight?” or “What song best represents your overnight?” or “Did any of your counselors snore, and if so, who was the loudest?” The counselors were invited up to the stage by cabin and asked to answer the questions, and if they got one wrong, they spun the wheel! On the wheel were choices such as do an interpretive dance, get a pie in the face, be licked by Buzz (Camp Director Nathan Bowen’s dog), slow dance with CIT director Kyle Bohl or Executive Director Liz Hall, or arm wrestle a kitchen staff member. But before any more is said about the results, let’s go back to yesterday, when overnights went out.

Overnights were by cabin again this session, each cabin going to a different place. Dunwoody hiked to Benjamin Franklin’s Bathtub from camp, Kiya hiked to Bear Creek, also from camp, Atira was driven to World’s End state park to play in the river, Seneca camped out on the ski slopes and did the high ropes course this morning, Nikahu was dropped off on a section of the Loyalsock trail and hiked to a place on a river called Haystacks (there are natural rock formations there that resemble haystacks), and Norman hiked to Red Rock from camp.

Yesterday, Thursday, was a beautiful day full of sunshine. After assembly, each group picked up personal and group gear from camp craft, packed a bag lunch, and set out. They camped for the night in their respective sites and ate mac and cheese or pasta and smores. At about 5 in the morning, it began to rain and it didn’t stop raining until 4 pm when everyone was back at camp. But the rain dampened no one’s spirits; each cabin found a way to stay happy and as dry as possible. After having pancakes or oatmeal and poptarts for breakfast cabins either hiked more or explored their areas further (Seneca began the ropes course). By 3 pm, cabins could return to camp, and hot showers and dry clothes were in order.

After a particularly scrumptious Thanksgiving turkey dinner, the overnight debrief began. Many counselors recieved a whipped cream pie in the face, some danced with Kyle and Liz, Bruce Little from the kitchen arm wrestled a few counselors, and one unfortunate Atira counselor was licked on the nose by Buzz. Needless to say, it was evident that all the cabins had a great time: songs were sung, games were played, nicknames were created, and everyone came back safe and sound.

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