Winter Camp 2010

Winter Camp Guests celebrated the first weekend of the New Year and the decade gathered around the blazing fire in Laughlin Lodge living room, in between sorties to hike, cross country ski and skate. The weather was somewhat frigid with wind and snow flurries, but CLC’s guests were quite intrepid. Everyone made the most of the long weekend to relax and enjoy the camp property allowing time to defrost in between outside activities.

A major source of entertainment was a new permanent camp resident called Lucy, who came from a kind foster family, after being rescued from her previous home. While Lucy’s parents are not known, clearly one of them was familiar with snow and sleds. Her thick cream coat, curled tail, long legs, deep chest and amber eyes suggest that they came from the frozen north. But for her first weekend at camp, she seemed very happy to make lots of new friends and to have a new warm safe home in Ian’s cabin.

On Saturday afternoon, the big Lodge table became a construction site, as graham crackers, frosting, sprinkles and assorted confectionary were transformed into cabins, condominiums and even a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Although none of the designs would make a good replacement for Weape, some thought they had potential as staff housing!

Saturday evening after dinner, everyone gathered for an inspirational talk followed by three of the guests who are Christian Science Nurses sharing their nursing experiences. They explained how they became interested in the profession and how they work with their patients. Everyone agreed that at the end of the evening that they understood much more about what is involved. It is hoped that an abbreviated course on nursing will be added to the staff training program in the summer before camp, as all our staff need to understand how to nurse and nurture the campers under their charge, and support the work of the Camp Nurse.

After a Sunday Service led by Camp Directors Ian and Lille, and fortified by lunch, every one reluctantly headed down the mountain refreshed and ready to start the first week of work and school in the New Year.

Over the next few weeks the ski trails at camp will build up their base. We welcome guests to come and visit for the weekend to ski and enjoy the camp property and see it in all its winter finery. Call us to make reservations and check the Ski Center website for daily updates on snow conditions. There is a link on CLC’s home page. See you soon!

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