In Full Swing!

What a bunch of contented kids!

Hardcore  (read: happy, muddy, sweaty, tireless, etc.) mountain bikers, frisbee players, international soccer stars, blueberry-picker extraordinaires, crafters, thespians, musicians, Susquehanna paddlers, rock-wall climbers (all ages!), RAFTers (“Random Awesome Fun Things”), and GaGa players galore (the foot ball-game, not the singer) have found their way to CLC.  And then there’s the waterfront: sea- monster games, water-sliders, kayakers, canoe blueberry-picker expeditions, and a few sail-boats have already graced the reflecting namesake camp waters, (which at least one young fisherman has discovered is filled with stout bass and sunfish).

Clans gathered to sing and cheer their champions innovatively plucking feathers from the ground and group “Tillakum” battles (ask your camper for details of this scaled up version of Rock, Paper, Scissors) after CLC’s regal equines helped light the Council Fire (cleverly scheduled between a welcoming Barn Dance, sticky cabin cookouts and likely thunderstorms).

CLC’s visiting lecturer took campers on a hands-on Army Ranger-style “patrol”, ever-ready to meet the ambushes of aggressive suggestions head-on. Even when those suggestions come from behind, Session 2 campers now know how to watch their own, and each other’s “six” and emerge smiling.

Mealtimes have had a decidedly (and tasty) English flair (e.g. scones, bangers, and welsh rarebit in lieu of muffins, hot dogs and grilled cheese).  Double Sunday School in the same week (Monday and Saturday) followed by group book-marking en masse (who knew lesson marking could be so social?!). And after two days of hosting our CITs in their homes, a group of young Amish men and women came to see what spiritual life on our summer mountaintop was like.  What a wonderful cultural exchange – right here in Pennsylvania!

World Cup Soccer Day evidenced true sportsmanship all-round, led by Team England’s “tea time” cheers.  Campers from across the US, Mexico, Latvia, Russia and England competed all-day (representing USA, South Africa, Latvia, England, Russia and Mexico) in a 15-game tournament of good-will and team spirit. Half-time dancers revved the crowd, while our resident “soccer hooligans” cooled everyone off with mobile spritzers. Despite handicapping their star player (banned from scoring), Team Latvia claimed the pedestal Trophy.

Vespers last night brought out some unexpected talent of all ages  (let’s just say Liza Minelli has met her match, and she’s residing in Atira this month.) And after a sudsy waterfront evening of slip and slide, tubing, diving, and sea-monster (and some “Man-Camp” adventure of  decidedly epic proportions), all campers should be getting a solid sleep tonight, readying them for packing up and heading out on extended 3-day overnights tomorrow.

And if you haven’t all ready… check out the many fabulous photos posted daily by our resident candid camera-man.

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