Pop Quiz!

All year long kids get quizzes and tests in school. But now that school’s out it’s time to turn the tables and ask the readers to answer questions that any Crystal Lake camper would know. Mwahahaha…ha…ha. Ahem.
Just define the words or phrases listed below and then scroll down to check your answers. Please answer in complete sentences.

1) What is “5th Period” and why is it so awesome?

2) What are “Gaga” and “R.A.F.T.”?

3) How does one acquire the Crimson Arrow and what is it anyway?


1) 5th period is the last activity period of the day. It’s so great because unlike the other classes which the campers sign up for and go to every day 5th period is the one where they can do whatever they want. So if for some reason a camper couldn’t sign up for an activity they get to try it out during 5th period if they so choose. They can also participate in several other activities that don’t have a special class for one reason or another.

2) No, sorry, they’re not the campers favorite R&B and 80s throwback pop singers. Gaga and R.A.F.T. are some of the campers favorite activities to do during 5th period. Gaga is a rambunctious ball game played in an inclosed “gaga pit.” The players hit the ball towards each other with their hands trying to hit the other players legs or feet below the knee to tag them out. Careful though, if you hit the ball over the side of the pit or use the sides to help you jump you’re out.
R.A.F.T. is an acronym standing for….RANDOM AWESOME FUN THINGS!!! Right!?! How cool is that? R.A.F.T. class consists of games and activities that really don’t fit anywhere else. They range from playing sardines and tag in the woods, to hunting for frogs in the creek, to scavengers hunts and water balloon fights!
Other 5th period activities include trail jogging, nature hikes, the ever popular open waterfront/free swim, rock wall climbing, and many more! There’s even a class dedicated to helping acquire….

3) The Crimson Arrow Award! The Crimson Arrow program is a series of achievement awards that anyone who visits Crystal Lake Camps can earn. Campers and counselors alike are busy doing athletic challenges, service projects, boating, and swimming, as well as learning camp crafts skills, ecology and many other things to achieve their Crimson Arrow awards. Questions on religion, native american lore, and participation in camp events are also part of the program. Though not required the Crimson Arrow award is very cool and many campers have started on their way to achieving it this session.

So, how did you do? Pssh, full marks right? And if not don’t worry. You can just ask any camper the answers when they get home and they’ll be able to tell you this and much, MUCH more.

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