Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Today we are here in Hughesville PA at Crystal Lake Camps with a few campers to ask them some questions about their camp experience so far.

Let’s begin with you Camper 1, as a senior camper what do you like about being here at camp?
“There’s excellent food, there’s lots of activities, and it’s supportive non-judgmental environment to be in.”
Those are a lot of great things Camper 1, I’m really glad you’re enjoying your camp experience so much. You really seem to have given it a lot of thought. Now on to one of our junior camper. Camper 2 what have you done today that you like?
“I like swimming because it’s fun.”
Swimming sure is fun, especially on such a warm day! Tell me camper, what’s your favorite thing that you’ve done all session?
“Hmm, still swimming because we play games like water basketball!”
Well that’s pretty nifty Camper 2. Sounds like your session has been pretty fantastic. Hey Camper 3 I have a question for you: On a scale of “going to the grocery store” and “going to Disney World” how fun is that slip n’ slide you’re sliding on?
“Really fun!!!”
Good answer! And it certainly looks fun, thanks Camper 1.

Well there you have it everyone! Seems like there’s a whole lot of enjoyment and a whole lot of gratitude going around today. It’s really great to be here with these Crystal Lake campers today and we hope they wont be shy about more interviews in the future.

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