It’s another beeeeautiful day in PA and do you know what your campers are doing?

they COULD be throwing their very first pot on the pottery wheel, or they COULD be running around on broomsticks in their very first Quidditch game of the session, or they COULD be out on the basketball court improving their hook shot, or MAYBE they’re over in Alford Hall rehearsing their play for the talent show with the theatre class. It’s POSSIBLE they’re out on the porch with a couple of guitars writing songs, or EVEN zooming up and down the forest trails on mountain bikes. WHATEVER they’re doing-whether it be making friendship bracelets in arts and crafts, or diving for a catch in ultimate frisbee, or hitting the bulls-eye in archery, or learning how to muck out a stall you can GUARANTEE they’re having a blast doing it. (Admittedly the stall-mucking might not seem so great at the time but they get to hang out with the horses too so that makes it worthwhile.)

But all that’s a mere taste of the goings on today. If you REALLY want to know what’s up ask your campers! Write them a letter maybe, or just wait for them to come home to tell you about all they’ve been doing.
This post is merely offered as a type of…decipher if you will. A translation of kid-speak so that when they arrive at home and are asked what they’ve been doing here for so many weeks their answer of “Oh, stuff,” will be perfectly coherent as a lively and detailed account of their activities.

That’s ok, you can thank us later. 🙂

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