Catch that?

There’s something about playing outside all afternoon that makes any diner taste finger lickin’ good. Here we share laughter, healings, we share moments, share Life. At first there was mention of the heat that keeps on going, and going, and going. But the ever-carrying outcry to think different prevailed, connecting people. The game-field was packed with everyone who could get there playing volleyball, frisbee, catch, gaga… It’s hard to decide what to do when it’s everywhere you want to be. Sure everyone had to take the obligatory swim (and for some) horseback tests but those were a welcome thing today and the few complaints were met with better encouragement than “just do it.”
But eventually all tummies begin to rumble, it’s one of the miracles of science. But before tucking in we went over the dining hall rules and table manners lest anyone eat fresh, and hopping and scraping techniques were reviewed for fellows, a rind is a terrible thing to waste.
But you go on living in your world while we play in ours-which started with separate camp games and cabin meetings tonight-here in the happiest place on earth. It’s the sort of place where bitter words melt in your mouth not on your hands and like a good neighbor your counselors are always there. By the end of the evening these kids were more than just lovin’ it, they were nearly bursting with song:

(sung to the tune of the Oscar Meyer jingle)

Oh diner had a side dish, it’s s-a-l-a-d
And diner had another one, t’was b-r-e-a-d
I love to eat here every day and if you ask me why I’ll saaaayy
CLC kitchen has a way with l-a-s-a-g-n-a!

Thankyew, thankyewverymuch.

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