Summer Entree

Dear Blog,
It rained this morning. It was ok though because it had stopped by the time breakfast was over. We had pancakes! Then there was Sunday School which was really cool because there are lots of other kids in my class and they all have interesting things to talk about. After that we had to mark our books with next weeks lesson. I don’t have to tell you how that went.
Anyway the afternoon was super fantastic. We played capture the flag with the whole camp! Then once we were all hot and sweaty we went down to the waterfront for free swim. I love the new water trampoline and going out in the kayaks and stuff but the water slide is my favorite. Just before you slide down you have to yell “BOOMSHAKALAKA LOOK OUT!” and I like yelling.
Tonight we have the first Counsel Fire of the session and I’m really excited for that! We’re gonna play games with our clans and make cheers and share all the spiritual things we want to this session plus watch the Native American belt dance. Everyone who is new this session got put into clans this afternoon too so everyone will be able to participate!
It sure has been a busy day so I’m sure I’ll fall right asleep tonight. Or…maybe after flashlight time anyway. The kid on the bunk below me is super cool and we’re planning to whisper after lights out. 😉
Anyway I don’t have time to write anymore, sorry blog. There’s too much going on here, but I’ll write again tomorrow!

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