Today’s Post brought to you as a skit performed by the kitchen staff: Kitchen Mgr Ben, Nikelia, Paul, and Nash 🙂

Silence in the Campbrary

Ben: You know, this is the busiest building in the camp. So where is everyone? It’s silent.

Nikelia: Alford Hall?

Ben: The camp. The whole camp.

Nikelia: Maybe it’s Sunday?

Ben: No, I never pay attention to where people are on Sundays, Sundays are boring.

Paul: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Nikelia: But where have they all gone? More than a hundred people here but they’re all missing.

Ben: That’s what we haven’t figured out yet.

Nash: Silent counsel fire.

Paul: What?

Ben: Of course! Silent counsel fire.

Nikelia: What’s that?

Ben: The last counsel fire of the summer. It’s very important. All the games are played with great reverence and everyone has a chance to give gratitude for the summer.

Nash: And when they leave they’re silent.

Ben: Yes! Silent for the whole night until they wake up the next morning.

Nikelia: Then what?

Nash: They stay silent all the way through till the next morning.

Ben: Exactly! Nash is it?

Nash: Yes.

Ben: Nash, I’ve got something very important for you to do, possibly the most important thing you’ve ever done.

Nash: What?

Ben: Can you see the counsel fire from here?

Nash: Yes.

Ben: What does it look like?

Nash: Well, someone’s telling a Native American legend it looks like.

Nikelia: And there are people starting to dance. WIth fire!

Paul: Fire lighters!

Nikelia: THe bonfire just burst into flame of its own accord!

Ben: Ha! Brilliant!

Nash: Now what?

Ben: Now they sing. Which means we better get going. We still have things to do before we stop talking.

Nikelia: On it!

Nash: Me too.

Paul: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

(An imaginary cookie goes to whoever can figure out what this post references and why it’s significant to its content)

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  1. Well, it’s of course Doctor Who S4:E8, Silence in the Library! As to why it’s significant, I’ll let someone else get a shot at it.

    Too the writer of this post: To quote my sister’s facebook: Wow, best skit from camp ever. 😀

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