027 Reports

The final banquet of the session was spy-themed. Of course you know that now but you might not have before. That’s because it was so stealthy it avoided detection even of a clever blog post for two whole days. Oh yes. But it was the swank-est, chic-est spy banquet there has ever been I assure you complete with fingerprinting of the guests and a mystery to solve for the Cabin Excellence awards had been stolen!
In other news the Bear clan won the yearly clan competition!!!
Cabin excellence was indeed excellent for the final session with Norman and Nikahu securing those particular plaques. We are all very proud of them.
Also, the Bears won the clan competition!
A few people may have noticed on pick-up day the grey, drizzly nature of the sky and those who arrived particularly late may even have seen some actual drops. It is still raining. There have been reports of continued rain up until there is more rain with maybe a smattering of drenching downpour. Construction of an arc will begin as soon as the staff can find enough wood uncovered by water to built it with.
Did I mention that the Bears won?
I think I did. Anyway that’s that for the end of session trois. This is agent 027 over and out.

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