Rambunctious barn dancing ensues…

At this writing, the floorboards of Alford Hall are creaking with the weight of sixty-plus enthusiastic campers playing musical chairs and doing the electric slide.  Never before has so much plaid been seen in one room!  The Session 2 Barn Dance hootenanny has been a resounding success which will be hard to top!

Other of the day’s activities include church and Sunday School, Christian Science book-marking, writing letters home during rest hour, and afternoon classes.  Fortunately, the epic storm that knocked out our power the other day brought cooler temperatures and the promise of a week free of rain (or so says the weather forcast…).

Tomorrow we have a full day of classes and Lenape / Canoya evening activities – check back tomorrow night to hear what sorts of fun the girls’ and boys’ camps managed to rustle up!  Also, just a few more days until cabins head out on overnights and mouths are already watering for the “Thanksgiving” feast that will greet us upon return 🙂

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