Already Session Three…?!?

Holy cow – it’s already Session Three!  Since our last post, Session Two overnights have gone out and come back, we’ve had a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner and Alex Cook concert (, played our hearts out at World Cup Soccer Day (Japan won, with New Zealand coming in second), cheered our fellow campers and counselors on as they performed at the Talent Show, and celebrated the session with a blanket fort-themed Banquet (considered by many to be the best Banquet ever put on at CLC)!  We’ve also had to say good-bye to far too many Session Two campers; it even seemed that the skies were crying in commiseration as we waved them off.

This morning we woke to the start of Session Three, finished cleaning and preparing cabins, and then all stopped what we were doing to uplift our thought for an hour solely dedicated to praying for the upcoming session.  Today we welcomed 47 eager campers to the mountain and couldn’t be more pleased!

This session promises to be fantastic, and we’ll cherish every moment because we know that it will be over in the blink of an eye.  We are thankful for so much clear evidence of growth seen in both campers and staff last session and are expectant of and grateful for the growth that is yet to come.

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3 Comments on “Already Session Three…?!?”

  1. Hello, CLC friends,
    It has been many, many years since I fell in love with the woods at CLC in my first summer there, when sessions were four weeks long and I stayed for both sessions. I loved the quiet, sweet secrets of the damp woods, amazing mushrooms, red efts, rock run falls, and the magic of campfires.

    I am enjoying the blogs, and especially this one, that has so much heart. Blessings on each day of your new session. Each camper is precious and may discover something wonderful within themselves today. It was at camp (about age 12, I expect), that I chose hymn 324 as my life prayer.

    With love.

  2. Tracey, we are so glad you have been able to read the blog! We are definitely keeping the campers very active and entertained…feel free to check out the CLC SmugMug site ( for pictures of what everyone’s been up to 🙂

    Nancy, thanks so much for the love and support! Tomorrow night we have cookouts, and the campers will get to experience the magic of campfires for themselves 🙂

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