Fall Events!

Remember feeling those butterflies in your stomach as you sat in the car driving down the long camp road? Remember the smell of ferns, and cool mountain air? The morning light in the dining hall? The sound of water lapping against the dock at the waterfront? Wouldn’t it be great to come back to camp now, as an adult, and experience all those joyful moments again? Our Alumni Reunion Weekend is the perfect way to do that! Come up to the mountain to see old friends, meet new ones, and spend some time doing those activities you loved so much as a camper! We’ll eat in the dining hall, and sing those favorite camp songs we all know and love! We may also have some pumpkin carving, marshmallow roasting, and be sure to bring your cowboy boots for the Barn Dance! For those of you that would like to attend there will be a memorial service for Anna Alford on Saturday the 6th at 2:15pm. Come for the whole weekend, or just for Saturday. We’d love to see you there!

Thinking about how camp has given you so much? Looking for a way to give back? Come to our Fall Clean Up Weekend! You can help us transform the summer camp you know and love into the snowy wonderland it becomes in the winter as the ski season gets rolling. Come enjoy fun, and laughter while we convert the dining hall, lodge, and long house into a ski resort!

Imagine if summer camp happened in the winter, but for a short burst of time. You would get Winter Camp! It’s a place to re-energize your camp muscles. We’ll go sledding, ice-skating, build gingerbread houses, make snowmen, build snow forts, and have snowball brawls. We’ll drink hot chocolate, catch up with old and new friends, and sing those songs of yore while warming our toes by the radiant fire. And for those brave enough, we will have our 2nd annual Polar Bear Plunge! It’s going to be a blast… an ARCTIC BLAST!!

For more information email Tim at tim@crystallakecamps.org or call at 570-584-5608

Alumni Reunion Weekend: Friday, October 5th – Monday, October 8th
Cost: For a weekend in a cabin – $150/adult, $75/child (under 16)
To register: go to http://www.crystallakecamps.org/clcnet/alumnireunionregister.html
Fall Clean Up Weekend: Friday, October 19th – Sunday, October 21st
Cost: $50 for the whole weekend, or $20/day
To register: go to www.crystallakecamps.org
Winter Camp: Saturday, December 29th – Tuesday, January 1st
To register: go to www.crystallakecamps.org

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  1. Wish I could be there, especially for the memorial service. But will set aside that time to join you all through prayer and cherishing our beloved friend and sister.

    Nancy Moore 🙂

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