Smoking and drinking

This interview with Melissa Knight from New Zealand is right-on! (Plus, her accent is fantastic!)

If you’ve ever had friends who drink or smoke, if you’ve ever wanted to try it yourself, or if you are trying to figure out how that  lifestyle fits in to your practice of Christian Science right now – check this out.  A lot of what Melissa says about not feeling judged in Sunday School and about what it was like for her to figure out what she thought about drinking and smoking as a teenager really resonates with my own path down this road.  I love when people are able to verbalize their story in an honest and healing way.  Some of my most “real” and healing conversations about alcohol and drugs happened as a camper and counselor at camp and at Sunday School.

What do you think about Melissa’s story?

There are also some great conversations  about this topic happening online with people from all over the world at here:

Thank you for being a part of and contributing to this healing community year-round!

– Jasmine

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