We’re Back!

Everyone returned from overnights with high spirits despite the rainy weather. At the Saturday night overnight debrief session, each cabin was able to share the highlights of their trip. Stories of spam, rain dancing, wilderness survival skills, and more filled the dining hall with laughter and joy. The campers from Mexico took their very first trip to The Mother Church in Boston and came back with a beautiful song they had written, which they shared at “Vespers” last night. Yesterday was a normal day of classes followed by Vespers, a more tame version of the talent show, where campers and staff can sing, play music, or share poetry.

It’s hard to believe that the first of July is already here and the second week of Session 1 has commenced. Campers are enjoying their last few full days of classes and beginning to plan their acts for the talent show. Tonight, Girls’ Camp and Boys’ Camp will split off for separate activities. These activities will be revealed later this evening. If it rains, there might be an exciting game of mud soccer or 8-sticks in store…

And now, a haiku:
All is quiet now,
All of the dogs lay sleeping.
What’s for lunch, Kasey?

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