Session 2 Begins!

It’s incredible how a new session can set a whole different tone at camp. Session 2 is here and it has brought with it a great number of kids, new CITs (counselor in training), new staff, new activities, and a whole lot of energy. Everyone signed up for their classes yesterday and had a bright and sunny free swim (which was immediately followed by a downpour). Lucky for us, we had Christian Science lecturer, Julie Ward, speak with us about real beauty and identity. Due to the rain, the evening activity was the Barn Dance, let by the CITs and possibly the “best one yet” according to many campers and staff. Everyone had a blast dancing and singing and playing games in their country attire.

Today is the first day of classes and there are a bundle of new opportunities including Circus class, Imagination class, Snack Attack, Field Hockey and more.  This afternoon, Hands on Horsemanship and Trail Blazers will start their specialized activities for those seeking a more specific goal from their classes. Everyone is already so excited about the session and the energy has kept spirits high despite the rain. Weather permitting, Council Fire will be tonight and all of the new campers and staff will be sorted into one of the four clans (Turkeys, Bears, Turtles, or Wolves) to play some fun games.

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