Overnights return today

Overnights are always a time of adventure, exploration, closer friendships and deeper sense of God’s love and presence. Beginning later this afternoon, our fearless adventurers will begin trickling back in to camp! Trailblazers will no doubt return triumphantly from their canoe trip on the Susquehanna, Kiya will surely have many tales about picking blueberries, sleeping under the stars, and perhaps snuggling under a tarp during the light rain this morning, while Dunwoody is getting a lesson in dutch oven cooking by the boys’ Head Counselor this morning. Nikahu’s counselors opted to organize a Women’s Empowerment Overnight, in which they led their campers through the High Ropes Course, invited the camp practitioner to give a talk around the campfire after dinner, and embarked on a hike to challenge, grow and learn from each other. Norman and Atira both hiked parts of the Loyalsock Trail, and in fact were so energized yesterday on the trail that they arrived back to camp early! They scouted out new campsites near the Ski Slopes and out by the field, and have been reveling in their accomplishment. And Seneca will surely return with great tales of swimming at Rock Run.

The LTs had one extra day to shop for their own food and plan their 5-day overnight trip, so they left this morning. They are en-route to the beautiful Adirondacks in New York, for a once-in-a-lifetime canoe, portaging and hiking trip. Alex Cook, whom some of you may know for his uplifting music and murals about God, joined the group this week as a co-director for the trip. The LTs are in for a week they will never forget!

The rest of us here at camp are eagerly anticipating everyone’s arrival this afternoon, while we prepare an “Overnight Debrief” game for tonight and cook up a “Thanksgiving Dinner” feast!

Join us in celebrating “Love’s Divine adventure” today!

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