Hey Alumni!!! Remember gathering, waiting for the beat of the drum, and walking quietly in a line down to join together and sit on the logs at Council Fire! Clan games, stories, songs all celebrating the Spirit (as in a God’s synonym) of the Lenape Indians. 

Well, we wanna see YOUR SUPPORT for your clan. It’s warming up and Spring is coming to many parts of the country/world and so now’s a good time to don your clan t-shirt in celebration for Spring!

Once you’re a Turtle, Turkey, Wolf, or Bear, you’re that clan for LIFE. Here’s other campers and staff members around the US and the World sending in their support/pride pics for their clan in just the past couple days!!


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Roxbury, New Jersey


Culiacán, Sinaloa, MEXICO

CLC Blog Clan Support Logan's Pic

Orlando, Florida

CLC Blog Clan Support Brad's Pic

Chicago, Illinois

CLC Blog Clan Support Kirill's Pic

Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

CLC Blog Clan Support Zoe's Pic

Olean, New York

CLC Blog Clan Support Andrew T's Pic

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

CLC Blog Clan Support Tom's & Alice's Pic

Alūksne, LATVIA/Massillon, Ohio

CLC Blog Clan Support Tory's Funny Pic

Massillon, Ohio


CLC Blog Clan Support Sydney Jason & Alex's Pic

Temple Mount, Old City, Jerusalem, ISRAEL (Left to Right: Bear, Wolf, & Turtle)

So send in your clan picks to and we’ll post them in an upcoming blog to show everyone’s support for their clans. GO TURKEYS, WOLVES, BEARS, & TURTLES!

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