Sunday: We start out on an expedition!

My Dear Newtina,

We embark today on a voyage of no insignificant proportion. Last night and this morning were dedicating to sorting and packing all the provisions and supplies we will need for our three day journey into the wilderness.

We have been divided into several groups for the expedition, all going in different directions.  One focuses on hiking and wilderness exploration, another on wilderness cooking, and another on boating. The Leadership Trainees will be gone a day more than the rest of us for they have a longer road and much to accomplish.  I will let you guess which one I have been assigned to…







IMG_3556There was an assembly instructingus with inspirational thoughts and practical knowledge that will be useful on the trail. My personal favorite was a skit about an “umbrella of Joy!” The fellow without an umbrella of joy was doused with water at the end to much applause.

That’s all for now, I hear the call to fall to for the journey. Hurrah for the mountains!

Your Excited and Stalwart Friend,




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